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  1. Yankeem0mo33

    iPhone 5. Add a line or wait for upgrade?

    Hey guys, I'm currently under contract with AT&T and I'm a bit torn between adding a line,so i can get a 5 at $199.99, or waiting for my upgrade. Buying at full price is not an option. I'm currently using an iPhone 3GS because I lost my 4s and I'm not up for an upgrade until July 2013. I really...
  2. Yankeem0mo33

    OMG! Lost my iPhone 4, considering getting Samsung Infuse

    Crap! I lost my iPhone. Its was my freaking lifeline! I went to the store today and played w/ the Samsung Infuse by At&t and Holy crap thats a cool phone. I've had my iPhone 4 since launch and I loved that thing, but after checking out this phone and reading Cnet's jocking reviews im a bit torn...
  3. Yankeem0mo33

    Please help! Slider on jb iPhone 4 not showing up

    Hey guys, I just jailbroke my iPhone 4 w/ green poison. I'm kinda new to this. ive been playing around w/ the themes all day. I did run into one problem though. Im trying to install an unlock slider from cydia but when i check it off in Winterboard and resrpring I don't see the changes. Am i...
  4. Yankeem0mo33

    Downgrade to 3GS

    Ok so I have a bit of a Dilemma...I'm currently in a bit of a financial bind. I have an iPhone 4 and I have a guy interested in giving me a brand new 32 gb Black 3gs along with $175 in the exchange of my phone. He also has a used white 32 gb 3gs along with $190 that he's willing to trade...
  5. Yankeem0mo33

    AT&T order status has not changed & charge put back into my acct wtf?

    I placed my order for my iPhone at my local AT&T store on 7/4. as soon as i got home i looked at my IBC acct. and the charge was already there. The charge for the phone has been pending for 5 days now. Ive been checking the status of my order nonstop since Sunday and it has not changed from...
  6. Yankeem0mo33

    Does anybody else check their AT&T order status 100 a day....or is it just me?

    I know im being a bit spoiled, but i ordered my iPhone4 at an AT&T store on July 4th. I think I check my damn status at least 100 times a day. Unfortunately the status has not changed from BACKORDER. just curious as to how many of you are as anxious as I am.
  7. Yankeem0mo33

    How much 16 GB going for on eBay?

    Does anyone know how much the Black iPhone 4 16 GB is going for on EBAY? Trying to decide if its worth putting mine up and just waiting for the White.
  8. Yankeem0mo33 or AT& if i order today 7/4 who will ship sooner?

    Hi everyone, I wanna order my Hi everyone, I wanna order my Hi everyone, I wanna order my Hi everyone, I wanna order my iPhone today. Does anyone know who will ship sooner, At&t or please help, im getting very anxious!
  9. Yankeem0mo33

    Still no iPhone 4 from Best Buy pre-order

    Hi everyone, im fairly new to this. i pre-ordered my iPhone 4 at Best Buy on the 15th and was put on their list. My local Best Buy store only got like 15 units on launch day. Im getting very anxious and i want my phone already, but whenever i call my store all they say is that they are waiting...