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  1. bayareaiphone

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Nice Mod! Thats looks very very nice! I got the same theme but it seems to be older one. I like the black ipod and iPhone with the Apple logo also how you changed the wording in the slide to unlock. If you have the whole file to share hook me up. Thanks in advance!:cool:
  2. bayareaiphone

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Resize your pictures using Yeah go to, its very simple. No need to have a user account. Check it out then try to upload it here again so we can all see what you got!:2cool:
  3. bayareaiphone

    Pink circle icon set v.1

    Hey Britna can you make me a set of these but in red circles instead of pink. Those look pretty darn I don't have photoshop so yeah. If you have a time and chance of course. Thanks again in advance! Yo go girl! ps. thanks for the rest of the posting you saved me a lot of time and...
  4. bayareaiphone

    Modding home screen icons voids warranty?

    I agree with you!:2cool:
  5. bayareaiphone

    How to add custom ringtones by WJP09 with Pictures and Videos.

    customize newm mail and sms ringtone? How did you do this? I had a custom ringtone on my previous phone but I would like to do the same with my iPhone. Any help would be nice.
  6. bayareaiphone

    How to add custom ringtones by WJP09 with Pictures and Videos.

    I made mine 20 - 30 seconds long because when someone calls you your phone will ring for about 10-20 seconds before the caller gets sent to voicemail and as you know your phone will stop ringin'. Your next question, when you place the command codes and added your first song to your iPhone simply...
  7. bayareaiphone

    How to add custom ringtones by WJP09 with Pictures and Videos.

    I Got New Ringtones Thanks To You! Man, thanks hookin' me up. I finally got some nice ringtones on my iPhone. I made a file folder and saved the command codes there for easy access. I'm just loving it! It was easy to follow your instrucations and it look me like 15 minutes tops to do this! Once...
  8. bayareaiphone

    Album Cover Pictures

    This should help! It's pretty simple and let me explain. First go to "My Documents" folder and then click on "My Pictures" and create a New Folder by right click on your mouse and select folder. Then name this folder that you just created to whatever you want like "Coverflow Images" or...
  9. bayareaiphone

    Vaja iPhone Case

    Where did you find that iPhone case? Do you have a website ? Thanks
  10. bayareaiphone

    What was your last phone before the iPhone?

    You can play still play Bejewled for free just Bookmark this website on your iPhone ENJOY! :2cool:
  11. bayareaiphone

    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    lol. that so true! I had a Q before switchin' to iPhone. I love this thing! I do miss like you mentioned nes roms and its much louder (I think) than my iPhone. But thats nothing because iPhone kills all cell phone, hands down! Welcome everyone and I hope Apple lets 3rd applications run on iPhone...
  12. bayareaiphone

    Search eBay on iPhone

    Very nice! Wow, nice very nice! We need a lot more people like you. Thanks! Easy to use and you don't have to wait for other crap to load.:2cool:
  13. bayareaiphone

    Best case available for iPhone?

    iPhone Case I also have something similar to that and so far it does the job! You guys & gals might want to check on ebay because they have clear cases and silicone(all colors) that should fit perfect to your iPhone. I got one for $5 bucks just waiting now to get it. I will keep you posted...