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    Charging your iPhone 4

    This has to do with the way lithium ion batteries can be charged. They can handle being fast-charged up to about 80-90% but then the charger has to trickle charge the rest of the battery so it doesn't overcharge. Lithium ion batteries can handle a lot of power being dumped into them at once, but...
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    Charging your iPhone 4

    The one main detrimental practice that can be done with lithium ion batteries is never letting them discharge. An example of this would be someone leaving their laptop plugged in all the time and never running it on battery. Eventually the battery life will be terrible because of this, even...
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    New iOS4 iPod "feature" sucks

    There is actually a setting in iTunes that affects this. If you highlight all the songs in iTunes, right click and select More Info, there should be a check box for Compilation. I have a 50 song techno compilation album that's all different artists and I had to use this setting to get them to...
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    Best Buy insurance

    The Geek squad black tie protection covers everything except full liquid submersion, loss, theft, and deliberate damage. The phone is sent out to a repair center and a replacement is sent back within 3 to 7 businesss days. As far as using an existing coverage on a new phone, it'd just be best...
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    Warning if you bought your phone at Radio Shack

    Except best buy doesn't do commission.
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    iPhone without the contract, safe?

    Well, you can use the Craigslist iPhone no problem with your current AT&T contract. However, you will absolutely have to call AT&T up to put the iPhone's IMEI on your account, which will automatically add the iPhone data addon. One thing to make sure on when you do this would be that they...
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    Contacts gone after restore

    Honestly, they should be, but I'm not 100% sure. I told iTunes to back up all my information, and it said it did, but it puts nothing back onto the phone. And I don't have a clue where it would save all that information. I looked in the iTunes folder, but no dice in there.
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    Contacts gone after restore

    Alright, so I decided tonight to do a restore on my iPhone. I had done one a couple months ago to clear out all the Jailbreaking I had done so I could finally get version 2. During that restore, after the phone was restored, I told iTunes to set my phone up from backup, instead of as a new...
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    Trying to copy all my photos to PC

    Right-click the device in the Device Manager that has the exclamation mark and uninstall the driver. Then unplug the iPhone and plug it back in. That should do well for getting the phone to show up.
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    How do you remove the invisible shield?

    Truly you can just pull it off like a band-aid. Doing it this way, however, has a good chance of stretching the shields out, thus ruining them. This isn't much of a problem, of course, as you can just get replacements from Zagg. However, I have had success with using the application spray to...
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    iPhone Purchase at Best Buy

    Nope, you wouldn't have to return the phone. You would, however, have to pay the $175 termination fee.
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    iPhone Purchase at Best Buy

    Hmm, I can't really say that we do. You might very well be able to get a new SIM card based on whatever particular Mobile manager you deal with. But, normally that aspect of the service is generally best left to AT&T, and they can usually get a new SIM card out within a couple of days, I'd say.
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    iPhone Purchase at Best Buy

    If he actually did manage to retrieve it, then yeah, the Best Buy protection would have covered it.
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    iPhone 3G Insurance Plans

    There are definitely a couple of different options that I've read about in terms of insurance coverage for the iPhone. From what I've seen, however, is that a lot of these coverages are getting mixed reports on whether or not they will actually cover the iPhone. You can also go into most any...
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    iPhone Purchase at Best Buy

    /facepalm No, I'm not /facepalming you darkside, I'm /facepalming Best Buy. This has been my biggest gripe since we started carrying the iPhone; barely any advertising that we do have it. People come in, see our pristine white iPhone display, and their eyes widen in surprise. And to ravman...
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    iPhone Purchase at Best Buy

    Bonuses are not commission. And as that last sentence even says, they make bonuses based on the store's performance, not just on selling service plans. Best Buy is a businesss. Businesses exist to make money. If someone does a good job at making the businesss money, the businesss rewards...
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    Getting contacts out of old phone to iPhone

    That will ONLY work with an AT&T sim card however. Motorola i870 looks like a Nextel model number, so that won't work. You can either buy phone data transfer software, or take it into any Best Buy Mobile and ask them to transfer the contacts to your iPhone sim card. They can do that, just not...
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    32 gb iPhone in 09?

    Yeah, I've got only the 4gb 1st gen, and the limited space is really killing me. I haven't bothered with the 3g yet because I definitely expect a 32gb. The only thing I run into after that, is why not just wait for the next generation, because I expect that to release same time next year that the 3g...
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    Big! Huge! Enormous announcement!

    Eh, why not? At my store there are more than just a few of the GS that have an iPhone of their own. Furthermore, the service plan that'll be offered with the iPhone doesn't directly deal with GS to fix it, they may glance at it to diagnose sure, but then the phone is sent out to a separate...
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    Bad to charge iPhone 3G overnight?

    One little bit I'd add to this is why lithium-ion batteries have such stringent charge cut-offs and charging procedures: If they were to be overcharged, it'd be a much bigger issue than it just ruining the battery as lithium-ion batteries and lithium-polymer batteries like to explode when they...