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    you get yours yet?

    so i tracked my free iPhone 4 case and it says delivered as of yesterday at 5pm. checke the mail yesterday and checked the mail today.... NOTHING. has this happen to anyone else? i hope they didn't mess up and give it to the wrong house.
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    Case-mate gelli case

    i think that the bumpers are stupid because they don't really protect the phone. for the people who bought the belkin grip vue there is asimilar case that iorders the casemate gelli case. i picked it over the belkin because with the belkin the buttons are hard to push. i recommend people look...
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    How do i restore my jb 3G 2.2 without it updating to 2.2.1

    how do i restore my jb 3g 2.2 without it updating to 2.2.1? i want to restore it and keep it at 2.2 and re jailbraek and unlock it.
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    help would be great

    i have a 3g iPhone on congular and was planing on selling it and getting the new iphoine when it comes out. can i use a blackberry with the iPhone data plan? i don't want to cancel the data plan and re add it in 2 motnhs so was wondering if i can use the blackberry wiht the current iPhone data plan.
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    anyone able to install iTunes 7.7 without getting a error?
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    Can I use my original iPhone SIM card in iPhone 3G?

    i have a 4gb iPhone that im selling and im kepping my sim card. if i buy the new iPhone on july 11th can i jsut put my sim card in and be ready to go? also im gonna be using my old phoen until the 11th
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    your home screen

    just made a new thread to see what other people have added on there main screen. i guess ill start. so far all i put is facebook and tiny buddy. what have you guys put so far?
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    iPod Sock?

    hey iwas wondering does a iPhone fit inside a ipod sock. if anyone has a ipod sock can u please post a pic of how it looks inside the sock because i think i wanna buy one and use it on my phone but want to see how it looks first before i buy 1.
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    NES ROMs

    is there a way ware u can just add like 100 nes games at the same time so u don't have to download then individualy and put them on 1 by 1
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    ibrickr help please

    im at the screen ware it says please wait while we contact your phone. and its been at that screen for like 5 mins what do i do can someone please help me.
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    how to?

    i downloaded apptapp how do i install it onto my phone. can someone please help me
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    need some help. is this any good? is this any good?
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    saran rap

    its an amazing cover. put only 1 layer of it around your phone. and then just put your case over it again. it keeps the dust and finger prints of really nicely.if u do it wrong u will get a air bubble. also keep it only 1 or 2 layers it will work amazingly. after u do it post a pic here and ill...
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    saran rap?

    use saran rap as a protective skin. then put your incase or any other case u have over it. your screen wont get as dirty. after u do it take a pic and put it here ill tell u if u did it right. the good thing about it is no dust and stuff and also screen stays amzingly clean.
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    What should I use to clean fingerprints off the screen?

    I have a lot of fingerprints on my screen and its really dirty what can I use to clean it. The cloth isn't really working because my screen has to many fingerprints on it. Also, would i be able to use a CD cleaner to clean the screen?
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    everyone please read.

    i say everyone should stop buying Apple products and also don't buy music from iTunes. make Apples sales go down because we got screwed fro 200 to 300 dollers on the iPhone.
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    wow AIM

    can someone please make a real aim program for iPhone. and not another internet program
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    hey my friend took my phone today and went on a porn site was watching a video. will this give my phone a virus or will everything be ok?
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    Does WiFi being on affect battery life?

    if u keep WI Fi on does it use up your battery? or should u turn it off after using it?
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    ERROR while updating.

    i have custome text bubbles and have ringtones that i used ringtone maker for and i got an error while trying to update waht should i do