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  1. Ceworld1958

    Lost Contacts on 4.3

    Try app Idrivelite and backup contact then do a restore and see if that will pick up the names.
  2. Ceworld1958

    AT&T Total BS

    Congrats to U. No going to a store on a release date for me, love online transactions.
  3. Ceworld1958

    AT&T Total BS

    I went to Target and gave up my # 4 slot because they only had 5 64gb black Wifi only device. Went to AT&t store and you had to order them. They only had up to 32gb units. Ordered from Apple.
  4. Ceworld1958

    iPad 2 Line Photo Share

    I was # 4 in line at Target, they only had 5 64gb black Wifi only. I took my name off the list. I then call around and found out that everybody only had a hand full Wifi only. I wanted 64gb white Wifi + 3G AT&T so I just went online. Now I'm feeling good because I waited a year and was not going...
  5. Ceworld1958

    Steve Jobs has 6 weeks to live.

    Never walk in another mans shoes less a dead one. You will only get 3 weeks. Lol
  6. Ceworld1958

    Apple store charges

    Why a Big Mac? Let's be healthy and have an APPLE ha ha. I'm old school also but you have to let the lady pay once in a while, it makes her feel like she is important also.
  7. Ceworld1958

    New iPhone User - A Few Questions

    I never turn off 3G or Bluetooth because I ran into that problem and solved it. Remember as was stated some Apps are battery HOGS. The main killers are the Apps you kill but they continue to use battery. You need to identify those app or apps. Download the app "Sys Info" then kill all apps now...
  8. Ceworld1958

    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Good to have u.
  9. Ceworld1958

    New iPhone User - A Few Questions

    Try this download the App sys info then kill all running apps. Now hit the home button and the power on/ off at the same time. You resetting the the phone then power on and open sys info swipe from right to left which will be the second screen. Scroll down to the processes section where you will...
  10. Ceworld1958

    New iPhone User - A Few Questions

    If you know the Apps you want to delete, just touch an Icon till all of them begins to jiggle. You will now see an X in the top left corner just touch it an it will ask you if you want to delete. If you do not know the problem App or Apps holla there is more help.
  11. Ceworld1958

    New iPhone User - A Few Questions

    Have you loaded any Apps on the phone. I have run into my battery draining after having great life. I was able to find the App that just continue to run and drain the h@$ll out of my battery. Then the same thing happened to my wife so I knew what to do. Most of the draining Apps are GPS users...
  12. Ceworld1958

    Help needed ~ No Sound !

    Plug your earphone jack in and out about 7 times real fast to see if this reset the inner switch?
  13. Ceworld1958

    Crunchgear's Take on Buying a VZW iPhone

    I have a love my iPhone 4 if I was Verizon as s customer I would buy one. Their is a consumer for everything I own some good some not so good. Looking for the report on my wife, I say this because if you want something bad enough? Xxx xxx it!
  14. Ceworld1958

    Boosting phone signal

    Can it boost the hotspot in the same way?
  15. Ceworld1958

    Dropped phone, now in headphone mode?

    Good for you. Now please do not attempt to use it as a weapon:)
  16. Ceworld1958

    iPhone backups

    Yes, copy on USB drive. Now go anywhere.
  17. Ceworld1958

    MacBook Pro MBP won't connect using WiFi hotspot anymore?

    I thing that it is a hotspot configuration issue that needs to be checked?
  18. Ceworld1958

    How do I tell which iPod touch I have?

    Go here,
  19. Ceworld1958

    MacBook Pro MBP won't connect using WiFi hotspot anymore?

    Can you log into your hotspot and check config, passcode. Can you use the hotspot on any other device?
  20. Ceworld1958

    Deleting contacts

    Thats good, like I said do the deleting on the web.