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    FAQs for new iPhone users (1st gen)

    "12) Trying to charge the iPhone with old iPod chargers can fry them." Wrong. Old wives tale, works fine. JMS in TX
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    High Quaulity Wallpapers...

    wallpaper What is your OS ?
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    Tips And Tricks

    That is the problem.. it is not stereo.
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    How do you keep your iPhone cool in summer?

    That is a great question... Heat is the #1 killer of batteries. I would not worry about the cold with the iPhone in the glove box or console. If I had to leave my iPhone in the car down here in TX, every day during the summer, I would use one of those little insulated coolers that holds a 6...
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    Apple quietly handling iPhone touchscreen issues?

    swap file Keep 10% of your total memory free for swap file use.
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    Tips And Tricks

    Crashes in general Keep at least 10% of your total memory free for the OS to maintain the swap file which changes on the fly. I've not experienced any crashes with all programs open, listening to music while surfing the web on very intensive web sites with lots of graphics.
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    Does the iPod function ever irritate you

    Autolock Maybe I am missing something here, can't you just set the autolock function to "never"
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    iPhone a Trojan Horse for the Goverment Surveillance?

    Here is a good web site
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    iPhone a Trojan Horse for the Goverment Surveillance?

    News Flash Text Messages Cell Tower Location Phone #'s called & received Time of the above All of the above are already stored on servers and even if you do not have gps, you can be tracked by cell tower location (large nonspecific area) unless you turn your phone off.
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    Adding a phone number while on a call?

    Robtob... You're the man! Post more.
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    Adding a phone number while on a call?

    Unfortunately There does not appear to be a way to directly do this, I pull up Notes and put the number there to add after the call has ended.
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    Strange glitch while using iPod feature on iPhone

    IF this is a bug or glitch... It is one I hope is not corrected. Think about it: rename any song... I think it is an Easter egg JMS in TX
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    Best way to preserve long-term battery life

    This is a must read ! I won't be leaving my iPhone/iPod in the car any more.
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    WiFi - Connected but not working

    This worked for me. JMS in TEXAS