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    Unlimited $19.99 Media Net SMS Message 9/25?

    Besides my real iPhone plan, I am using the sim from a GoPhone in a 3G iPhone. Everything works including SMS/MMS and even data. Today I got a text from AT&T informing me that I could sign up for unlimited media net for $19.99 a month. I was happy to hear that so I called 611 and went through...
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    iPhone Cannot Take Or Receive calls

    I got this message on my jailbroken phone and the warning in iTunes says to check or replace the sim and then something about removing sim unlock if there is one which there isn't. Anything I can do to fix this? The phone cannot be restored because it gives me error 23 and the iPhone screen...
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    Redsnow Causes Severe Battery Drain

    I have an 1st generation iPhone that I have upgraded to 3.0 on and it works well. I decided to unlock the phone using redsnow and that went ok without any problems as well, or so I thought. At 2AM yesterday after doing the unlock, I went to bed. Woke up 6 hours later and the phone was completely...
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    Can't afford AT&T $500 bill

    Hi all Well yes it's all my fault. I had two iPhones, both white 3G phones. I cancelled one and sold it on eBay. The cancellation fee of course was $160. At that time, I added a BlackBerry Curve to my account. Suddenly, I now have a bill that is over $500 that I simply can't pay. I'm ok with...
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    AT&T 3G Upgrades Degrades 2G This may explain why some people are not getting five bars any longer. I looked and didn't see it posted anywhere.
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    Map scrolling when using GPS?

    I know I read somewhere that it is possible for the google map to scroll as I drive so I don't have to constantly flick the map, but I don't remember how. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks.
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    Saving project in Beatmaker

    I created something in BeatMaker and it looks like I really didn't save it. It looks like I only created a folder for it and didn't save the file so my song is gone. :angry: It figures that I finally figure out how to use this app and I mess up and lose the first thing I make.
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    Family Plan: Adding 3G iPhone

    Has anyone here been able to go to the Apple store and buy a 3G phone and have it activated onto your Family Plan? I have a 3G iPhone and had another iPhone activated on a GoPhone plan and converted them both to the 700 minute Family Plan. I now want to get that second phone upgraded to a 3G...