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  1. iPhoneObsessed

    How to keep geographical information when importing photos to PC

    I have a 32gb iPhone 4, and have actually run out of space due to 3000+ pictures and videos. Desperately need to be able to get the photos off my phone asap, but what has stopped me up until now is the geographical information. I love to see where all my photos were taken on the map on the...
  2. iPhoneObsessed

    Music from iTunes won't sync with my iPhone

    Thank you so much hansede! Your simple solution worked like a charm! I feel like such an idiot... they really need to make that "!" symbol bigger! I don't know if this helps anyone else out, but I would definitely look for the "!" symbol first before removing all songs. :)
  3. iPhoneObsessed

    Average Activation Time in the Southeast?

    yes, unplugging the usb cable from the comp is what I did. I didn't put in my own sim card, I left the one that came with it in there. I'll figure it out eventually, i'm sure. just after everything we've all been through today... i'm just glad it works. lol.. I hope you can get yours to...
  4. iPhoneObsessed

    Average Activation Time in the Southeast?

    No, it doesn't actually. With me it didn't even register that it was activated until after I got the email and couldn't click on the link I unplugged it and plugged it back in and that's when the 'iPhone is activating' message came up on the iPhone screen. as for 1st impressions.... (and i'm...
  5. iPhoneObsessed

    Average Activation Time in the Southeast?

    yes, it was supposed to be a link but I couldn't click on it. I use gmail, but gmail was just being stupid. Since you can't read your email I wouldn't advise unplugging the iPhone like i did b/c the iPhone doesn't show anything new until it's ready to be FINALLY activated and you get the...
  6. iPhoneObsessed

    Average Activation Time in the Southeast?

    HOLY HELL I'M SO GLAD I DIDN'T GO TO SLEEP YET. It took about 6.5 hours, but it's done! I haven't even pressed any menu buttons yet I wanted you all to know about this since no one has really updated. I got an email from them, and it said to connect your iPhone to the comp, and if it's...
  7. iPhoneObsessed

    Average Activation Time in the Southeast?

    I honestly feel like crying. 5.5 hours and counting. Hattiesburg, MS (CST) Existing AT&T customer I don't have a phone. No landline and now my cell is out bc of this crap. The worst part is that I asked off today (Friday) so I have to work tomorrow (Saturday). If I don't walk in there...
  8. iPhoneObsessed

    No Campers; just police officer at my AT&T stores

    I understand why some people are wondering why some of us are complaining about no lines. If I was in their position I would think the same thing. :smile: But when you're in a small town and you're lucky if someone even knows what the iPhone is.. You kinda feel more like an outsider than...
  9. iPhoneObsessed

    This madness needs to end for me tomorrow

    I really couldn't agree more. I'm really tired of thinking about the 'what if's. Really tired of it. Tired of telling my friends what all it can do. I want to show them what all it can do. I want to walk into work on Saturday and show it off. Gah. I just want to get my phone. And go...
  10. iPhoneObsessed

    Videos and pictures from the iPhone Lines

    My angry thought is that I can't take a picture of my iPhone with my iPhone camera. Unless I used a system of mirrors....... :tounge:
  11. iPhoneObsessed

    Does AT&T have WI-FI in their store?

    I called mine.. they don't. :frown: Of course I don't live in a major city. or major state for that matter, haha. Every time something like this comes up, in my head I think, "Damn, If I had an iPhone I could sit outside the AT&T store and be on the internet, while waiting for an...
  12. iPhoneObsessed

    Current AT&T users can help people swithing save some money

    I'm willing to do this as well.. if anyone wants to email/pm me. (I'm an existing AT&T customer) Edit: Now Registered.. 5 referrals to go. :smile: you can email me at b/c I check that more often than here. Edit (1:34 PM Central): I still have 3 referrals left. Email me! (this is the best...
  13. iPhoneObsessed

    iPhone Pricing Plan Discussion

    Holy poop! Best news ever. I think I woke up everyone in my apartment building when I opened this thread.. lol. I also at first thought the data plan was 59.99 when I first read it.. I was about to cry and then I understood after I went to the Apple website. The plan they are offering is...
  14. iPhoneObsessed

    What time are going to start waiting in line?

    Those are my exact plans as well. :smile:
  15. iPhoneObsessed

    Songs from iPod to iPhone?

    I'm really new to getting around iTunes.. I only have a nano now and I know how to put songs on it and that's all, lol. So, is there a way to transfer songs from my iPod to my iPhone? I've been poking around on there and I can't figure out how. A lot of music on my nano is not on my computer...
  16. iPhoneObsessed

    AT&T Website Account Info Question Part 2

    I completely agree. I don't have a 'corporate phone'; I'm not asking for a discount on the iPhone. I signed the account by myself, I pay the bill, I'm not on a family plan or anything.. just me. But for me to take off a service that doesn't even apply to the iPhone? yes. Ridiculous. But...
  17. iPhoneObsessed

    AT&T Website Account Info Question Part 2

    After posting my first question here, about working at a large retail store and having a discount applied to my account (even though my account wasn't affliated with my workplace until only 3 years ago after I had it for a while)... I called AT&T and spoke with someone about it. Yes, the 30%...
  18. iPhoneObsessed

    AT&T Website Account Info Question

    No just a regular customer plan. The only thing I can remotely think of is like 3 years ago I signed up for a discount for the major retail store where I work. (and I'm not a 'big' employee of the retail store.. just a regular job you could get anyday) I get MAYBE $2.50 off per bill...
  19. iPhoneObsessed

    AT&T Website Account Info Question

    I was being bored, logged into the AT&T site (I'm a current customer) and went to the 'upgrade phone' link. I know I'm not eligible for an upgrade yet, but what appeared on the right of the screen is what I'm asking about: Discounts Your account type qualifies you to the following...
  20. iPhoneObsessed

    Who will not get the iPhone if they are sold out of 8gigs?

    The only way I'm not getting an 8gb is if my store didn't get any at all, cause I'll be first there. BUT, if that happens I'll definitely buy a 4gb and return it when they have 8gb in stock (hopefully that will be within 30 days). I have waited so long I don't think I could go home on the...