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  1. iPhoneObsessed

    How to keep geographical information when importing photos to PC

    I have a 32gb iPhone 4, and have actually run out of space due to 3000+ pictures and videos. Desperately need to be able to get the photos off my phone asap, but what has stopped me up until now is the geographical information. I love to see where all my photos were taken on the map on the...
  2. iPhoneObsessed

    Songs from iPod to iPhone?

    I'm really new to getting around iTunes.. I only have a nano now and I know how to put songs on it and that's all, lol. So, is there a way to transfer songs from my iPod to my iPhone? I've been poking around on there and I can't figure out how. A lot of music on my nano is not on my computer...
  3. iPhoneObsessed

    AT&T Website Account Info Question Part 2

    After posting my first question here, about working at a large retail store and having a discount applied to my account (even though my account wasn't affliated with my workplace until only 3 years ago after I had it for a while)... I called AT&T and spoke with someone about it. Yes, the 30%...
  4. iPhoneObsessed

    AT&T Website Account Info Question

    I was being bored, logged into the AT&T site (I'm a current customer) and went to the 'upgrade phone' link. I know I'm not eligible for an upgrade yet, but what appeared on the right of the screen is what I'm asking about: Discounts Your account type qualifies you to the following...
  5. iPhoneObsessed Updating Their Store

    Just listening to the live audio and checked on you can't go to their store. It's updating right now.. Hmmmmmmmmmm........ :laugh2:
  6. iPhoneObsessed


    Every night recently, I've had a dream about the iPhone. I don't know if I make myself dream of it cause it's the last thing I think about before falling asleep or what... but every morning I wake up with a mixture of being excited, then sadness when I look on my nightstand and see my old...
  7. iPhoneObsessed

    iPhone and Existing Cingular Customers (and 2 year contract)

    Okay, so I'm having a mini panic attack, someone set me straight please! :) I'm finding info that states that the iPhone will only be sold with a 2 year contract with Cingular. ( Reference Link Here. ) I've been a Cingular customer for years, but my current contract doesn't end until January...