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    Will iPhone Still Work When Go Phone Plan Expires?

    I cancelled my Go Phone plan with my iPhone and it is set to end on the 5th, will I still be able to use the iPod and other non-phone features when this occurs?
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    Getting out of GoPhone

    So, being 18 I don't really have any credit. And I do not know how long it would be until I will have gained enough credit to avoid paying AT&T's fees (I think it was gonna cost me $500). My question is this: After being a GoPhone user for X amount of months do you think AT&T would go ahead...
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    Solitaire game?

    Does anyone know if there is a solitaire game out there for the iPhone? If there isn't there should be! :)
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    Scratch help needed...

    So, it's only 2 days after I bought my iPhone and somehow there is a little scratch on the screen (I'd say about 4 centimeters...but still very annoying). It isn't extremely deep but I can feel it when I rub my fingernail over it. Is there anything I can do to get rid of it or am I pretty much...
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    Buy from AT&T or Apple?

    Would you purchase the iPhone at an Apple Store or an AT&T store? Are there benefits to buying it at one place over the other? Thanks!
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    Anyone pay a deposit?

    Did anyone with bad or no credit have to pay a deposit fee? I'm 18 and I have no credit. :(