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  1. DD0

    Unable to restore...

    please help! I was trying to restore to update, since I'm modded. Now I'm stuck in recovery mode and all I get is error -48. I tried downloading the restore files, but it just opens iTunes when I open it. iTunes restore won't work at all. Anyone know what I"m doing wrong?
  2. DD0

    Using iTunes samples as ringtones

    I believe I followed the steps correctly to use a sample from the iTunes store as a ringtone, but it wouldn't add to the iFuntastic list. Is there any other way to do this and make it work with it? If anyone knows that would be great.
  3. DD0

    AT&T makes an iChat slip?

    AT&T sent out a survey to iPhone owners asking them to rate it's capabilities and included on the survey was iChat. Hopefully it's in the works!
  4. DD0

    Responses to "can I see your iPhone?"

    Let's come up with some good responses so you don't have to be a total ass hole when people ask if they can touch your iPhone. I'll start. *It has a lot of my personal info, sorry.
  5. DD0

    AT&T dropped the ball big time

    Such a scrutinized launch and they've barely done anything rigth. Now the EDGE service is totally out, haven't been able to log into my AT&T account for days and they seem so lost. Too bad.
  6. DD0

    Update coming in the fall...

    Reportedly they will add disk mode and the file browser from Leopard. Apparently it wasn't ready for release and they didn't want to put the old browser on. I'm sure a lot more as well.
  7. DD0

    Only one download per email for POP?

    If my computer happens to download my email from Gmail first, my phone won't get it and vice versa. Anyway to allow both to get my emails?
  8. DD0

    No dragging confirmed?

    So there is no option to get music or videos onto the phone other than syncing at this point correct?
  9. DD0

    Gmail sent mail question...

    When I send an email with a gmail account I get that email in my inbox as if I sent it to myself. How do I make that stop?
  10. DD0

    Apple stores have tons left...

    Apple stores still have sufficient supplies of the iPhone. If you are looking to grab one, call your local stores. You might get lucky. I'm going to buy 2 more!
  11. DD0

    I can't drag music...

    onto my phone. I can sync it, but it won't allow me to drag any songs I want. Anyone know what I need to do?
  12. DD0

    Anyone in Dallas?

    And going tomorrow or tonight?
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    8g vs 4g %?

    Anyone have any idea if it's 50/50? I hope Apple made more 8gs to try and get people to buy them.
  14. DD0

    How much will Applecare cost?

    I know it's been discussed, but I can't find the actual numbers. Where has it been confirmed. How will AT&T handle it. How much will it cost.
  15. DD0

    iPhone charged?

    Will it come charged or not, so we can use it without having to wait 9 hours?
  16. DD0

    GPS accessory

    Saw someone mention a GPS accessory somewhere. Any truth to this?
  17. DD0

    Flash drive

    Is the iPhone's flash drive removable? How hard would it be to take apart and access it?
  18. DD0

    3rd party addons

    I'm sure it's been discussed before, but I can't find it. Any new word on 3rd party addons or possibly ichat existing on the iPhone?