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    NES roms and manzana

    can anyone tell me how to add nes roms using manzana? thanks.
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    Help, I'm trying to change all the different sounds (text, mail, etc.)

    Can someone please tell me where all these sounds are located? Like when you lock and unlock your phone. When you get a new text, email, vmail. And what do I rename my .wav files too? Thanks in advance
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    help with changing display order *PLEASE READ*

    okay well i just uploaded the the new loring pink theme on my girlfriend's iPhone. this is the first time i've ever put a different display list. well i use manazana and i dropped the new display list in it's correct folder. i uploaded all the icons and restarted her phone. everything worked...
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    how do iadd videos?

    I have a video that I converted to a mp4 but I don't know how to put it on the iPhone. Can anyone help?
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    battery icon request

    over at i downloaded the indigo battery. but it doesn't come with the small batter that's located in the upper right. can anyone make me those files so my battery on the upper right will also be indigo. thanks.
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    SMS bubble help

    can anyone upload me the files so that my outgoing SMS bubbleare purple and my incoming SMS bubbles are a teal color? Please and thank you
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    new to the modding thing. just need some quick help.

    okay well i go to download the whole iPhoneinterface thing and it works like a charm. big ups to wjpo9 (sorry if i spelled it totally wrong). he has a really awesome tutorial that makes things so much easier. well here's my quick question. now that i have the iPhoneinterface, does it only...