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  1. MuddyPaws

    Tee Hee....Siri for blondes

    NSFW at the end because of a little langauge from Siri.
  2. MuddyPaws

    Strangest, craziest or most pointless app you can find?

    Another thread made me think about the countless apps out there that just are silly. Post up some that you have found. If you have the know how, add a link to the app store and a icon pic. Some of the icons and reviews are just as funny. The one that started it.... iPoo...
  3. MuddyPaws

    Find owner (who bought it) of songs in iTunes?

    Ok, here is what happened. I bought another used iPod. This time it was full of music. Well, I copied the songs over to the Mac and then added them to iTunes. Now the problem. Most songs play on the Mac fine. Many songs won't play on the Mac because it says I am not authorized to play...
  4. MuddyPaws

    Noise when connected to stereo aux input

    I am on ATT. Any time I am near a speaker, my phone induces feedback into the speaker. When you connect it to the aux input of a car stereo it does the same thing. Bad feedback is put through the car speakers. Short of putting in airplane mode, is there a way to get rid of the noise?
  5. MuddyPaws

    4S battery issue maybe bad connection at battery?

    After having this issue the other night... I just looked at my phone and this is what is says... I have NEVER had this kind of battery life on my 4S. On my 4, yes, but not on the 4S. Nothing has been...
  6. MuddyPaws

    Does the 4S have some sort of shock alert?

    Had a accident with the phone today. Long story but got on the on ramp of the highway with the phone on the hood of the car.:eek: I noticed it sliding across the hood as I made the turn to merge...going about 50mph. Couldn't get it stopped and the phone flew off the hood. I stopped to go...
  7. MuddyPaws

    Edit photo on 4S but uploads to photobucket as original?

    I took a pic, edited it....cropped it. Then went to the photobucket app and uploaded it. But when I look in photobucket, it's uploaded as the original picture...uncropped. I can't even see the original picture on the 4S camera roll. Anyone else notice this? Is there a fix? I mean...
  8. MuddyPaws

    Comments on the main page issue

    Every time I try to post a comment on the main page using my facebook login, it says an error occurred, please try later.
  9. MuddyPaws

    Anyone actually using PhotoStream?

    Just wondering. It's such a incomplete chunk of software that to me it makes it a useless feature. Really not something that I have come to expect from Apple.
  10. MuddyPaws

    Mobile theme not working right

    When I access the EI main page via safari on the iP there is no way to select forums. you are stuck on the main page. You can read the main page articles and stuff, just no way to get to the forums. I don't use the app. There is a icon on the top left that looks like a home button on the iP...
  11. MuddyPaws

    Anyone record Apple TV output?

    Talking recording to a DVD recorder, DVR or even a VCR....if there are any with HDMI input (or maybe with an adapter). I am looking to record Netflix stuff. Has anyone been successful and if so, to what device did you record to and did you use any special connections?
  12. MuddyPaws

    The Muppets sing F-U by Cee Lo Green?

    I just saw a promo on the TV. The muppets were doing the F-U song. I just don't think that's appropriate for a kids movie....humming it or not. What were they thinking?
  13. MuddyPaws

    Music Match? When did that get there?

    I don't know when it happened...but Music Match is a selection on the main screen now. Doesn't do anything yet that I can tell but it's there. Anyone else notice it?
  14. MuddyPaws

    BJ Penn Retires
  15. MuddyPaws

    Radio Shack version of SlingBox?

    Anyone using this thing? I think it's called Volcano. Pretty much the same as slingbox only way less expensive. Just wondering if anyone is using it and using it with iOS devices and how good a job it does.
  16. MuddyPaws

    Wi-Fi not as strong on 4S?

    I am noticing that I can't grab a Wi-Fi signal in places that I got it with the 4. I also notice that in the kitchen of my house the wife's 4 has like 3 bars and my 4S has zero many times. As I sit here now my MacBook Pro has full Wi-Fi signal and the 4S has 1 bar. Anyone else notice that...
  17. MuddyPaws

    Crash crash crash

    iPad2 iOS5 Apps crash all the time. Safari is hardly usable anymore. It will crash about every 5 minutes. I have tried everything. Any of you find a fix? If not, I hope Apple gets their crap together and fixes with a iOS update soon.
  18. MuddyPaws

    MacBook Pro Anyone ever replaced the magsafe connection?

    I am getting ready to replace the magsafe power chip connection that is in my MBP. Any tips on how to make it a faster or easier? Looks like it's going to pain in the ass based on the videos. Any tips would be awesome. I mean besides going to a Apple store since there is only like 2 in my state.
  19. MuddyPaws

    They changed my beloved OtterBox Defender

    The rubber on the outside is harder and less grippy. Not sure if I like the change there. We'll see if it slides around in my truck. I'm a little concerned with the harder rubber and opening and closing the ports all the time. Seems like the mute switch door is going to get fatigued and bust...
  20. MuddyPaws

    Side by side, 4 faster than 4s on some things

    I am noticing a few things where the 4 is faster side by side with the 4s. Exiting apps is about twice as fast. Loading the settings app is faster on the 4 also. Switching from photo to video is faster on the 4 but going from video to photo is faster on the 4s. Waking up from sleep to get to...