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  1. jmp316

    AirDrop glitch...

    So my wife and I both have the iPhone 5, recently updated to iOS 7. As we were out today I decided to test the AirDrop feature by sending her a picture. When I attempt to AirDrop it to her, surprisingly, my name and picture comes up as HER phone. Assuming a glitch, I messed around with some...
  2. jmp316

    Find My Friends 2.1.1

    Updated the app today. Interesting enough it still has the old non-Jony Ive look to it. Anyone else find this odd so close to iOS 7 being released?
  3. jmp316

    Advice needed for waterpark trip

    Hey everyone! My family just booked a summer trip to Wisconsin Dells. Needless to say, we will be doing a lot of water activities during the week. I have an iPhone 5 and want to use it to capture pictures of the family in the water. I don't have a Lifeproof case, nor do I want to spend that...
  4. jmp316

    Google buying waze for $1.3 billion

    Multiple reports this morning stating Google has bought waze for $1.3 billion. As an avid user of waze, I'm not sure what to think yet, I'm holding off judgment until I see what Google will do with it. Discuss.
  5. jmp316

    Saw on eBay...

    This is too funny not to share. Someone on eBay is attempting to sell an iPhone 5 dock using two old iPhone docks glued together. Sandwhiched in there is a lightning cable. And all for the low low price of $45. Now I know there are lots of people making iPhone 5 docks out of wood and other...
  6. jmp316

    CNN Article. Apple vs. Samsung: A peace treaty

    I'd sign it (or Tweet it)... Funny stuff! Apple vs. Samsung: A peace treaty
  7. jmp316

    The Lightning Dock

    I know docks for the 5 are just starting to hit the market (do an eBay search for "iPhone 5" dock and you'll see a few). I saw "The Lightning Dock" last week and pre-ordered one. Looks solid and price is decent. Anyone else order one yet?
  8. jmp316

    Typing on lower row...

    I was noticing that typing things on the lower row (space bar, numbers, return) is a little more tricky on apps that don't fill up the whole screen yet. I get a lot of miss hits while typing. Anyone else notice this? I'm attributing it to getting used to where my thumb hits in a different spot...
  9. jmp316

    Siri not indexing music or apps...

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to Siri. I've had an iPhone 4 before getting the 5 today. I activated and synced everything up but I can't get Siri to play any music or open apps. Am I doing something wrong? Does Siri need to index my phone before it will open things? Thanks in advance!
  10. jmp316

    Does it bother anyone else to call the new iPhone "iPhone 5"

    The new iPhone will be the 6th generation iPhone, so it really bothers me to refer to it as the "5". Original iPhone: 1st Gen. iPhone 3G: 2nd Gen. iPhone 3GS: 3rd Gen. iPhone 4: 4th Gen. iPhone 4S: 5th Gen. Here's hoping Apple gets their naming correctly and doesn't name it the iPhone 5. How...
  11. jmp316

    Newsstand = Fail.

    Just saying'. If they can't get more than about 10 newspapers or magazines to publish content there, then what's the point?
  12. jmp316

    Facebook app update tonight.

    Be on the lookout for a FB app update tonight. Facebook is partnering with yelp, Gowalla, and Foursquare to offer "Facebook Places". Discuss. Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  13. jmp316

    3.9 Meg of data while sleeping?

    Ok, it's not that big of a deal, but I checked out my data usage from the AT&T website the other day. It stated that I used 3.9 Meg of data at a time when I was sleeping. My phone was on the charger, I was on wifi at my home, and I was sleeping. How is this possible? Is this some sort of...
  14. jmp316

    4 fits into V1 dock...

    Ok, so it's not a "perfect" fit, but it fits nice and snug... I had my original V1 dock lying around so I tried it... Just as an FYI in case someone wanted to save $50...
  15. jmp316

    iOS 4 and Internet streaming audio

    I'm sorry if there's already a post on this, but I couldn't find a way to search from the iPhone app... I have a few radio station mp3 streaming files that play great with my Mac via iTunes. I have never been able to sync them to my iPhone and play them through iTunes on the phone. I can...
  16. jmp316

    Preorders sold out. What about reservations?

    Hey Guys, I only reserved my iPhone 4 at a local Apple Store. Though they are sold out, will Apple honor my reservation? I reserved well before 1:30PT. Thoughts?
  17. jmp316

    What is the likelihood of a SIM card in an iPod touch?

    So what do you think? Would Apple do this? Now that the iPad has 3G service, I would LOVE to use an iPod Touch as a data only phone... Thoughts?
  18. jmp316

    iPad video...

    Sorry if anyone has seen this already, but I thought I had to share... Enjoy!
  19. jmp316

    More Google Wave invites..

    Hey All, I know I'm not an avid poster, but I'm giving back to the EIC community by giving away some Google Wave invites if anyone wants one. They are just nominations (not direct access), but hey, they are free. PM if you want one. I have 8. Jay