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    3G hangs with new iPhone 4 will not connect?

    Hey having trouble with my new phone. It will not load 3G pages at all or hangs halfway through it :( tried hard resets and even went to AT&T for a new SIM :( It will just not work.... even with it laying on the table with full bars:dft002:amazed any suggestions?
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    iBrick problems?

    Anybody getting a forbiden to access server screen when you search for applications?:frown:
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    World Clock no workie?

    Well the only thing I can't figure out on my iPhone is the world clock function? Every time I put a new location in it NEVER has a new clock. It always says "no world clocks" on the screen. I even did a restore and it still doesn't work? I tried to take it back to AT&T today and they said only...