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  1. Perplex

    Mac Pro The New Mac Pro

    hope its worth it
  2. Perplex

    Where exactly is the antenna inside the iPhone 4?

    you might want to read this bro "Based on my testing, and the antenna theory as presented by the experts, cellphone antenna booster stickers do not work as advertised. Based on their marketing techniques, including the imaginary or unverifiable “experts” stating they work, it’s my belief antenna...
  3. Perplex

    iPad or iPad 2?

    don't limit yourself to the first gen. The iPad 2 is that much faster and better. Newer apps will run much smoothly that can take advantage of the processing power the 2nd gen has.
  4. Perplex

    Apple store or AT&T store?

    i would go with att store since there is one everywhere, and if you need to go on a saturday for something, it won't be swamped
  5. Perplex

    Youtube links/videos to open in YouTube website instead of YouTube application?

    Is there a way to completely do away with the youtube app, and just use youtube webapp for all my youtube needs?
  6. Perplex

    Home button stopped working

    mine does this weird clicky noise thing when i don't use the phone for a while, and press the button for the first time, it will make this click. but after that i can press it without it making the click but i can replicate this sound as many times as i want if I lightly depress the button...
  7. Perplex

    Best case ever! ElementCase Vapor4

    if you could can you tell me when did you place your order? and what day did you receive the "awaiting shipment" email? thanks
  8. Perplex

    Any update on white iPhone 4?

    loox good, but to the normal iPhone 4 user, too risky. esp w/ the digitzer? how easy is it?
  9. Perplex

    How do you create extra camera rolls?

    can you add subfolders without DL an app, or jailbreaking? if so how
  10. Perplex

    iTunes 10 and airsharing

    the third guy with sunglasses on wants to know what file sharing app are you using?
  11. Perplex

    White iPhone 4 - problem - hardware or software..?

    im pretty sure any white iPhone for sale today, is a black iPhone that has its housing replaced with white OEM parts. meaning not official
  12. Perplex

    Apple event September 1st?

    he said there is going to be no white iPhone WHAT?
  13. Perplex

    Apple event September 1st?

    need some questions answered. i came in a little late. -any mention of white iPhone? -will iTV handle streaming of iPhone recorded video? thanks
  14. Perplex

    Apple event September 1st?

    wtf. no mention of the white iPhone?
  15. Perplex

    Fastest texter? Maybe.

    In reality they seldom attack a human. In reality they seldom attack a human. In reality they seldom attack a human. In reality they seldom attack a human. In reality they seldom attack a human. In reality they seldom attack a human. In reality they seldom attack a human. BUT THEY WILL KILL YOUR...
  16. Perplex

    Best vehicle Mount Kit?

    thats what she said
  17. Perplex

    Fastest texter? Maybe.

    as much as they try, they will never defeat the nation of Facebook idiots.
  18. Perplex

    Hey Steve, I'm bored

    i really want to jailbreak i really do. but what cons can i expect if i jailbreak in terms of Updating Apps, or apps i already purchased. I just don't want to brick my iPhone!
  19. Perplex

    OCD And iPhone 4

    yes this is more of an addiction than a disorder... "just one more man" :::scratches both arms::: "just one more"
  20. Perplex

    Fastest texter? Maybe.

    so what if they call you and be like, we want to fly you out to document you beating the record. will you go?