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    Help Glass broke!

    also the iPhone wasn't subsidesed or w/e so with att you still can get a free phone... you could walk in the store today tell them u want the free razr or w/e and they would give u it. that of course would lock you into another 2 year deal and u couldnt get a discounted phone for 2 years but...
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    what my iPhone is missing

    thats what i mean i want real games the safari ones were kinda a pain to use
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    what my iPhone is missing

    what my iPhone is missing? no im not going to follow what everyone already said.... games! Apple needs to release some games already. i know theres talks about this and selling them on iTunes but i miss having just something to do (yes for now youtube helps when im bored) but they need...
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    Is 14 days enough to decide?

    day one there was a 50-50 shot of returning it, day two id say i was still 50-50 day 3 im probably closer to a 25% chance of returning it... the phone grows on you. my two biggest issues is ideally i bought it too soon and should have saved more money but i think im good the other issue is...
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    Heard This Before iPhone Owners?

    all i get is the OMG u spent $600 on a phone....
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    How many iPods have you purchased?

    3 a green mini, and a 30gb video... and my 8gb iPhone... yeah it counts lol
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    yeah i took the plunge now its just can i stay attached... haha i think the biggest problem is everyone i show it to is like you spent $600 on a phone... idk people judging the phone before even seeing it and than i feel like a dueche for some reason..... but i do love the phone
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    How do I setup email to pull only new email?

    is there a way to make my email not import everything... just new stuff? .... i have a ton of google emails and the iPhone is importing them all and i don't want that....
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    slowest sync ever!
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    just wanted to say hi, ive been reading the fourms all week and im 97% sure im going to buy an iPhone in the morning so just wanted to say hi... right now im syncing my blackberry to outlook one last time to make the transition easy so yeah hi!
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    Jabra EarGels + iPhone Bluetooth = Heaven!

    or i could just go get some hearing aid molds done..... hmmmm nah nice review
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    What exactly does the iPhone do that is so "revolutionary"

    yay for the war.... anyways i just want to get one point across, you can say an ipod is just an mp3 player..... my pearl had just an mp3 player, id add songs and it could play the folders.... an ipod syncs to my iTunes folder, i can use my custom playlists and my musics already set to folders...
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    What exactly does the iPhone do that is so "revolutionary"

    ialex said it best.... its a white canvas......
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    What exactly does the iPhone do that is so "revolutionary"

    no phone has an ipod in it. yes my blackberry can play mp3s but its a pain to use the pure touch screen and the internet browser destroys any other phones (yes ive had blackberry connect and using even opera mini is a pain) 3 reasons and thats just the top No picture messaging (can be fixed...
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    keyboard speed

    so im close to getting an iPhone just trying to think it though since 600 is not good for an impulse buy... even though ive been drooling over the phone since the keynote... anyways i currently have a bb pearl... and i know the iPhone keyboard some people complain but once your used to it hows...
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    iPhone accidental insurance?

    i heard state farm started doing this. but i only have my auto insurance through them... you think i could still add it or would i have to go through rents home