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    what my iPhone is missing

    what my iPhone is missing? no im not going to follow what everyone already said.... games! Apple needs to release some games already. i know theres talks about this and selling them on iTunes but i miss having just something to do (yes for now youtube helps when im bored) but they need...
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    How do I setup email to pull only new email?

    is there a way to make my email not import everything... just new stuff? .... i have a ton of google emails and the iPhone is importing them all and i don't want that....
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    keyboard speed

    so im close to getting an iPhone just trying to think it though since 600 is not good for an impulse buy... even though ive been drooling over the phone since the keynote... anyways i currently have a bb pearl... and i know the iPhone keyboard some people complain but once your used to it hows...