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  1. krisobe

    Anyone saved there SHSH blobs on 4.0.1?

    I just updated my phone to 4.0.1 on my iPhone 4. Planetbeing said it's okay to update to 4.0.1 because there is no baseband update from 4.0. Also he updated tinyumbrella to save your shsh blobs to work with 4.0.1 since you can't save them on 4.0 anymore.
  2. krisobe

    SGP Ultra Crystal iPhone 4 screen protector.

    WOW. All I can say. I had the powersupport ultra clear with the 3GS, and this SGP ultra clear blows the powersupport out of the water. It's like theres nothing on the screen. No rainbow effects, no bubbles, I'm thrilled. Easy to put on. The thickness of the protector is perfect. My iPhone 4...
  3. krisobe

    Apple Store: Limit Two Per Person?

    Is this true? I have a reservation for the iPhone 4 32gb at Apple store. I plan on camping out at 12-1am on the 24th. I am the primary account holder of my family plan. Is it possible to get another iPhone 4 16gb for my GF to add another line to my family plan? She has T-Mobile and she wants to...
  4. krisobe

    People who reserved it from Apple Store Question.

    Will there be two lines? 1. People who didn't reserve on 2. People who reserved. Do I have to camp out at like 3am and wait 4 hours till they open at 7 or can i come at like 7am sharp and head to the reserve line and get in at 7 and get out as quickly as possible? I don't remember 2...
  5. krisobe

    New iPhone 4 on my Family Plan with a new line question

    Hey guys, I plan on adding my gf to my family plan with the new iPhone 4. I plan to preorder on I know I will get it at the subsidy price, but when I do get the iPhone 4 at the store for pickup on the 24th, will they set up everything, like port my old GF's number from tmobile to the...
  6. krisobe

    Best Buy: Best place to pre-order and purchase iPhone 4?

    Here's some of my reasons. 1. Everyone will be at Apple Store or AT&T store. 2. Black Tie Protection *optional protection coverage for iPhone which IMO is better than Apple Care. (Covers normal wear and tear and accidental damage from handling) 3. You deposit $50 bucks for predorder then pay...
  7. krisobe

    xGPS 1.2 just released! (Turn by Turn voice instructions!)

    OMG. wow just made my day!
  8. krisobe

    JB'ing 2.0.2 not working for me using QuickPwn12

    Help! So after going into DFU mode my computer says USB DEVICE NOT WORKING and also quickpwn just hangs at "performing operation 0, 100% done". Can anyone with similar problems got it to work? I also unplugged the usb and plugged it back to my phone. Didn't work either.
  9. krisobe

    Can't change my lockbackground!

    So I just noticed whenever I change my wallpaper from settings, the locked background wont ever change. Can anyone please tell me what to delete in SSH to change my lockbackground again? Or can some tell me another solution if that doesn't work. I think there was a topic about this but I tried...
  10. krisobe

    Custom Wallpaper using Winterboard Theme.

    Hey guys, I know this may be redundant but how do I put a custom wallpaper different than the theme wallpaper. Do I just SSH the custom wallpaper I want into the folder of the existing wallpaper.png? Also where exactly do I SSH my custom wallpaper to so I can override the wallpaper that my theme...
  11. krisobe

    Best iPhone 3G Car Mount?

    Hey guys, just wondering whats the best iPhone 3G car mount out there. I prefer those suction cups on my windshield. Also if i have a marware sports grip rubber case on my iPhone. Just wondering if i can leave it on and will it fit in the car mount. Thanks!
  12. krisobe

    iPhone/iPhone 3G tethering consequences.

    So I just got my iPhone 3g to tether to my macbook. After a minute I disconnected them bc I'm paranoid that AT&T would give me a huge fee or terminate my contract from what I've read. Does anyone here know if anyone has been caught tethering the iPhone and also does anyone here on the forums...
  13. krisobe

    Cydia apps.

    Is there any other program besides NES and OpenSSH to install on Cydia worth downloading?
  14. krisobe

    NES on iPhone 3G jailbreaked with pwnage.

    So I DL'ed NES through Cydia and I was wondering how to ssh games into the 3g iPhone or does anyone have a easier way. I use to just use ibrickr to put NES roms on my v1 iPhone.
  15. krisobe

    Pwnage Continuous Looping

    Okay after doing all the steps in the Pwnage 3g iPhone jailbreak.. after restoring my phone to the "custom" ipsw... All i get is a continuous loop and my phone can't start. Anyone know the solution to this problem?
  16. krisobe

    "Summerboard" like app on App Store?

    Anyone know if there will be one on app store in the future? I would figure summerboard to be 20 dollars with themes going for 2.99.
  17. krisobe

    How do I sign off AIM?

    I logged into to AIM on my iPhone. Everything works great, but I can't find anything to sign off. Now I'm stuck online and need help. How do I sign-off?
  18. krisobe

    Battery life on JB 1.1.4 (ziPhone 2.5c method)

    I just noticed that my battery life drains faster on 1.1.4 than it was on my 1.1.3 ziPhone jailbreak. The apps I currently have are.. Summerboard 3.2, BSD Subsystem 2.1, OpenSSH 4.6p1-2, and Installer 3.01 with Blackjaindim as my summerboard theme. I noticed my battery life goes down twice as...
  19. krisobe

    iPhysics & iPinball problem!

    So I dl'ed iPhysics via installer and when I dl'ed iPinball Level Pack, it does not go in the iPhysics. Same goes with Moo'N'Patrol Level Pack. I am running 1.1.3 with ziPhone jb. TIA!
  20. krisobe

    No SOUND on ZiPhone jailbreak 1.1.3

    So I just JB'ed using tinman's post with the easy ziPhone one click process of jailbreaking to 1.1.3. Everything works fine but after a while I don't have anymore sound. Can someone please help? Thanks in advance.