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  1. xoulo

    Speaker died, no sound coming from iPhone

    YES! it worked! im so happy now. thank you so much!. but seriously, wat was that about, i never heard of that case before, and neither did i get any info from Apple. :frown: but its fixed, and thats all it mattered. thank you!
  2. xoulo

    What did you get with your Apple Rebate?

    i bought the armband for my exercise workout .:tounge: still have 60 credit remaining and waiting on something interesting show up
  3. xoulo

    Speaker died, no sound coming from iPhone

    ive tried that and it didn't work. maybe petalmon's suggestion would work, we'll see. ill update this as soon as i get it working again
  4. xoulo

    Speaker died, no sound coming from iPhone

    i really hope so, im already doing the hardcore restore of iTunes, and its loading, as soon as its done im gonna give it a shot, hopefully nothing bad happen, because i almost cried when i first played a song on my speaker. thank you soo much:tounge: i really don't wanna send it back to Apple...
  5. xoulo

    Speaker died, no sound coming from iPhone

    please anyone please help me. my speaker died everything works, the ringtones and such, but there are no clicks on keyboard, or through speaker while the music is on, i don't know if anyone else has the same issue, but please i need to know what happen to my iPhone i tried resetting it, restart...
  6. xoulo

    Apple online store

    OH nvm, i found it. thanks anyway :laugh2:
  7. xoulo

    Apple online store

    i know your pain man, but i cant seem to click anywhere that i could apply my store credit to. wth. and i don't wanna buy it in the store, because the armband that i wanted isn't in stock by my Apple store./:laugh2: anyone know how to Apple the store credit on Apple store online? thanks in advance
  8. xoulo

    Apple online store

    hey guys, i just received my 100$ store credit, but when i try to buy something on Apple online. it wouldn't give me the option of using my store credit. only my mastercard or any other card provider, but no store credit. anyone else having this issue? or could you tell me where i click to use...
  9. xoulo

    need some help. is this any good?

    Damn it, i payed 50 bucks for it yesterday, and it was circuit city:frown:
  10. xoulo

    New iPhone widgets?

    hope so. i want more widgets, and also if i could take of those widgets i never use such as stock
  11. xoulo

    So.....who's gonna gimmee their credits? =D

    ill take it!. but if only there isn't any shipping charges
  12. xoulo

    What are you going to do with your $100 credit?

    160 gb wow. thats amazing, thats way more than what my computer have in its gbs. but i don't wanna buy any ipod because i already have it on my iPhone, i guess ill just buy a jawbone
  13. xoulo

    No copy/paste or flash but iTunes downloads...

    itune store= giving them more money! wow , ill just find my way around the system to get free music :laugh2:
  14. xoulo

    offer steve jobs your thanks

  15. xoulo

    The Avatar Thread

    nice macrosoft LOL
  16. xoulo

    Few questions before buying an iPhone

    yes and yes but you need to hack your iPhone. will give you details.
  17. xoulo

    Thank you all so much

    don't start the flame war. lets cool down people. * breath deeply * im still pissed :laugh2:
  18. xoulo

    So.....who's gonna gimmee their credits? =D

    what video adapter? any linK? anyways. does anyone know if i can get an fm radio transmitter for the iPhone? i cant seem to find it anywhere and the ones that i found are wayyy too high in prices. back to topic. i would gladly accept your donation of you could give me your store credit :smile:
  19. xoulo

    offer steve jobs your thanks

    no need to talk like that here. remember, no offensive messages to members. and IMO i don't think i should thanks him, surely he give us 100 dollars refund next week, but haven't you come to think that we spent a lil more than that? just 2 months ago. i understand that technology gets cheaper over...
  20. xoulo

    Apple $100 Store Credit. Any recommendations?

    IMO i think getting an ipod touch is completely useless, since you already have the functions on your iPhone, unless you going to give it as a present to someone, and the new nano looks amazingly awesome, i would get that but does anyone know if you can listen to your music on your jawbone, or...