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    Online Installer?

    Just wondering if it will ever happen? Were I can go to a certain URL on my iPhone which is jailbroke 2.0. iPod touch has the advantae if going to So possible for installer 4 to do the same,cause my computer was stolen.
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    How do I access downloaded movie on iPhone?

    I downloaded a family guy episode in safari and it said it saved to /var/mobile/library/downloads what I was wondering is how to access downloads on my iPhone.
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    Cydia Question!

    With Cydia will there ever be something on there to add themes and stuff? I'm sick of the stock home screen.
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    Help restoring my iPhone!

    I need some help restoring my iPhone 3G... I tried using ZiPhone to jailbreak it... But didn't work. Now iTunes can't find my iPhone... When i turn it on all it does is load Apple logo for 3 seconds then goes to the usb to iTunes thing! How do i restore? Please Help.