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  1. caponcha

    How long have you been a member of everythingicafe?

    I never really post but I've been a member since Oct 24, 2007 but it was called everythingiPhone back then :) Oh and I got my first iPhone is 2007 a couple weeks after they came out...I've had an original iPhone, a 3G, 4, 4S and a 5.
  2. caponcha

    iOS 7 Bugs

    Yeah, but unfortunately my old iPhones aren't up and running and I couldn't wait....definitely took a gamble, but I did read beforehand that you could roll back. It was worth it it for me anyway...let's see how beta 2 is now :)
  3. caponcha

    iOS 7 Bugs

    One problem I'm having is that when I lose power (which my battery seems to be draining a lot faster IP4s) is that I have to re-enter my password for FB Messenger and FB, which is kind of annoying because I require a code for every new device and it seems to treat it as a new device each time...
  4. caponcha

    So apparently anyone who installed iOS 7 without registering their UDID...

    It's $8 to register your UID with one of them...just do a search on here
  5. caponcha

    Does anyone know if Viber works on iOS 7

    Thanks reas0n I guess I'll be giving it a shot this weekend, appreciate the response
  6. caponcha

    Does anyone know if Viber works on iOS 7

    Tried searching here and online but don't see anything about whether Viber works with IOS 7 or not. I want to install it but if Viber doesn't work then I can't so hoping someone knows for sure, but if not I guess i'll still install and downgrade if need be. If anyone knows I'd appreciate it...
  7. caponcha

    Win the Verizon iPhone from everythingiCafe

    I would like to win the Verizon iPhone because ever since they put a Verizon repeater outside my office I have zero AT&T coverage. Thx
  8. caponcha

    Red Bull Flugtag!

    Where in NJ is it? Thanks
  9. caponcha

    Handy Light tethering app in App Store disguised as flashlight app

    Btw on that YouTube video is that music from Mega Man?
  10. caponcha

    Handy Light tethering app in App Store disguised as flashlight app

    Nevermind after refreshing saw post video was still up. I'll try on my windows 7 and see if I can get to work
  11. caponcha

    Handy Light tethering app in App Store disguised as flashlight app

    Awesome find, just are instructions still around? Thank you very much and happy I stuck with my unlimited with iPhone 4 :)
  12. caponcha

    I just stopped by the mall to get a bumper case....

    Apple was sold out of bumper cases so I decided to see if AT&T had any. They just got some in an hour earlier, so I picked up this black iFrogz case, pretty nice
  13. caponcha

    Win the iPhone 4

    Thanks everythingicafe been a member since it was everythingiPhone. Site has been a huge help, thank you. Here's a pic of the fathers day card my kids got me:
  14. caponcha

    Dead lcd

    I did post about this a little while back but didn't get much feedback...maybe a repair section would make sense.
  15. caponcha

    iPhone/iPod touch/Apple hardware repair section

    Not sure if I'm posting this in the right section, but does anyone feel a need for a repair section? Maybe good places to buy parts, guides/tutorials on the repairs. I replaced the outside glass/digitizer and lcd the other day on my brothers iPhone and it took a little over an hour and...
  16. caponcha

    Which iPad will you purchase?

    I highly doubt I'm going to buy it, but if I did would probably be the 16GB wifi only. I am really disappointed by the storage size, even the 64GB. If you use a lot of 1080p content you can't really store much on there. At least if it had a usb port I could hook up my 500GB external 2.5"...
  17. caponcha

    my iPhone keeps turning off help

    @juls1585 is asking you what firmware because this was just fixed in the last firmware release and you are having the same symptoms that this points to. Update your firmware to 3.1.2
  18. caponcha

    Shutting off?

    Has anyone got Apple to replace their phone because of this? I can't take the random shutdowns anymore. I don't even know when my phone is on or not...I have to keep checking to see and it's beyond frustrating.
  19. caponcha

    Shutting off?

    The same thing has been happening to me. It started after 3.1 and some days it's fine, but other days it will happen multiple times in an hour. Yesterday was really bad and it seemed dead for over 30 minutes. I try plugging in wall, computer, car, press home, power button, home+power. Some...
  20. caponcha

    AT&T offers their version of Friends & Family

    So if I add my Google Voice number I can basically call anyone now for free without having to worry about a 5 number limit? I just added it so I guess I'll see on my next bill.