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  1. iebron

    Flash! I want to watch flash on my iPad and iPhone 4s.

    There is also a browser called Puffin that plays flash.
  2. iebron

    Transferring Photos to/from friend's iPad

    The app photosync will work with and Apple device through bluetooth.
  3. iebron

    Photos from iPhone to iPad

    Go to the app store and purchase Photosync on your ipad and iPhone, then you can transfer your pictures and videos back and forth.
  4. iebron

    Opinions wanted and a somewhat funny story

    Good point! I would still try and get something from AT&T, like a case or a car charger.
  5. iebron

    Opinions wanted and a somewhat funny story

    If Apple sent it to AT&T in his name, then technically he did own it.
  6. iebron

    Opinions wanted and a somewhat funny story

    A buddy of mine went to a car dealership to test drive a new car. While he had the car for two days they sold his car he left with them to test drive theirs. They had to give him the car he test drove with the balance he owed on the old one. His lawyer said they basically stole his car and...
  7. iebron

    Song Name Chain

    Kissing you - Keith Washington
  8. iebron

    Screen protector for $15

    I bought one from the mall and I love it. It does not scratch like some people say. I've ran a key across it to show people it works.
  9. iebron

    Best iPhone 4 movie converter?

    I use tunebite it works great.