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    FM Transmitter for iPhone 3G?

    If you have the dough, the Griffin iTrip AutoPilot works very very well, no airplane mode message, charges it and plays music. It also has an international setting where you can put your setting for Europe or Japan and it will play through those stations and it sounds amazing.
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    FM Transmitter for iPhone 3G?

    It appears that the Kensington LiquidAUX for iPhone and iPod works with it, the latest guy to review it says it works.
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    3G phone iTunes help

    Just got it activated, restored, and it's currently syncing and putting my old data back on there. It was weird, I had it hooked up, nothing was going on with iTunes and I got a text message and it sent me to the iPhone home screen, 3 minutes later I refreshed and it let me activate.
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    So what's the price if you already have a contract?

    Oh, good I have no problem extending my contract. I was just afraid I was gonna have to shell out $600 because of an upgrade.
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    So what's the price if you already have a contract?

    I'm assuming AT&T isn't going to let current iPhone users have the $199/$399 price unless your eligible for an upgrade. I hope I'm wrong though.
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    iPhone in car - belkin adapter a no go...

    This works fine for me.
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    My First Bill!

    I dunno if this helps or not, but with my other phone with AT&T that I previously had my bill was grossly overcharged because of the data plan, they charge you for pretty much everything you do on the internet after you use all the data up, if you don't have the unlimited data plan.
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    Help Me...

    I'm confused, you want to have an iPhone but not pay monthly but use everything else? If thats what your asking then no, there no possible way you can do that.