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  1. iigreatoneii iPhone 5 Orders Getting Canceled?

    Hey guys, Hearing that there is an issue going on regarding people who ordered iPhone 5's on getting emails sent saying that the order has been canceled because Apple "encountered an issue with your AT&T account". Anyone experiencing this?
  2. iigreatoneii

    Glass Question

    Hey guys, Not sure if I'm going to upgrade tonight or not, however I need to make up my mind shortly. I was hoping for more in the iPhone 5, however, that didn't happen thus why I'm on the fence. Anyways, after browsing Apple's website, I noticed that the black iPhone 5 is made of pigmented...
  3. iigreatoneii

    iPhone 4S Upgrade Question (AT&T)

    This is my first time upgrading like this, so I am not familiar with how it works. My dad was eligible for an upgrade, but he needed a new phone and decided to get an iPhone for the first time so he pre-ordered the iPhone 4S. My mom was also eligible for an upgrade, so I purchased an iPhone 4S...
  4. iigreatoneii

    Question regarding text messages after pre-ordering iPhone 4

    My sister had selected the iPhone 4 32GB (Black) and when she went through the ordering process, her data was listed as Unlimited as well as her text. After she submitted the purchase it's now showing her plan as $30 unlimited dates and $5 for 200 text. Does she have to cancel and re-order or...
  5. iigreatoneii

    Does Apple charge a restocking fee if you return an iPhone 4 that you preordered?

    I believe that there is a limit 2 iPhone 4's per order or household. I'm going to get one for me and one for a friend, but she is going to be on vacation. If she finds one where she's vacationing, can I return the one I order for her without paying a restocking fee? I'll be preordering from...
  6. iigreatoneii

    How do you install the iPhone 3.0 GM Software?

    I'm using a Windows Vista PC, is there anyway I can upgrade my iPhone 3G to the iPhone 3.0 GM software for developers without jailbreaking it? Keep in mind... I don't have a developer account and never used jailbreak on the phone. I can't seem to find out how to install it anywhere...
  7. iigreatoneii

    Questions on iPhone Developer Program

    Basically, I have three questions I haven't been able to find a solid answer to: 1. Can you be a developer if you have a Windows PC? So in other words, does it run on Windows PC's? 2. Is it just a one fee of $99? In other words, does your enrollment ever expire or are you allowed access for...
  8. iigreatoneii

    Does the iPhone 3G fit in its dock with Bodyguardz on it?

    Ok, I applied the Invisible Shield on my V1 iPhone and didn't have a good experience with it, although part of it was my fault. I didn't apply it perfectly. So I was thinking about giving bodyguardz a try since I get two of each piece. I'm hoping I don't have the lint problem I had on my V1...
  9. iigreatoneii

    Question about transferring to AT&T in order to get an iPhone 3G

    Ok, I've never had to transfer from one carrier to another just for a phone. We've had AT&T for years now, switched from Sprint (god they suck) to Cingular (now the new AT&T) about 8 years ago, at least, probably more. But I have a question that my uncle asked me and I wasn't 100% sure on how...
  10. iigreatoneii

    iPhone 3G Dock/InvisiShield/Direct Fulfillment Questions

    Ok, I have a couple questions that I haven't been able to find on here. 1. In regards to Direct Fulfillment, the guy at the AT&T Store told me it will be shipped to them and they will call me when it comes in so I can pick it up. I'm assuming I get to activate it at home then correct? Has...
  11. iigreatoneii

    iPhone 3G Availability Question

    Ok, this iPhone release has not been a good one for me. I've been using the tracker on ( to see if my local Apple Stores are getting any in the night before so I can go down and pick up my iPhone 3G in the morning. Last night it said...
  12. iigreatoneii

    Is Apple Care Transferable?

    If you have Apple Care on your phone, can you transfer it in someone elses name?
  13. iigreatoneii

    How much longer is the iPhone 3G going to be hard to get a hold of?

    I sold my iPhone on ebay to get the iPhone 3G, but now I can't find one anywhere and the places that do have them only have the black version in 8GB or 16GB. I'm looking for the white. It's been a week since it was released, I can't believe it's still hard to find. Anyone think it's going to be...
  14. iigreatoneii

    Are they still making you activate you iPhone 3G at the store?

    Do they still make you do the activation at the store? Are they pretty strict with that policy?
  15. iigreatoneii

    V1 iPhone to the iPhone 3G, does old plan come off?

    If I upgrade from my V1 iPhone to the iPhone 3G, when I activate it through iTunes, does the data plan for my V1 iPhone get taken off my bill automatically or do I have to call AT&T and inform them of the upgrade?
  16. iigreatoneii

    iPhone 3G & Volume Controls

    Can someone tell me if the volume is louder when you're in speaker phone or just holding it up to your ear than it is with the V1 iPhone? I have a V1 iPhone and can't hear crap on it, thinking about getting the new one after seeing the volume buttons next to the speaker and microphone on the...
  17. iigreatoneii

    Question about ringtone hack.

    Ok, so I've been seeing a lot of people talking about hacking their iPhone and adding custom ringtones. I was just wondering, if you do that, does iTunes still update correctly when newer version are availale? It seems like you're disabling the program form updating based on the tutorials for...
  18. iigreatoneii

    Anyone ever hear of this before?

    Sorry if this has been posted before, just wanted to let everyone aware of this.
  19. iigreatoneii

    Anyone else have this problem converting DVD's to your iPhone?

    I downloaded DVD Decryptor and Videora and when I go to decrypt a DVD that I purchased it won't convert in Videora. The funny thing is that the DVD's I burned from Netflix decrypt and convert without any problems. But I've tried 4 dvd's I purchased and not one will work. I'm not sure, but I...
  20. iigreatoneii

    Has anyone ever used

    Has anyone ever used's products on any of their phones? I don't like cases, but my screen keeps getting clouded with finger prints and nothing seems to rub it off. I was wondering if it'd be good to order their clear protector that protecrts the whole phone without hiding its...