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  1. oab

    3G iPhone Vs original iPhone

    I have an original iPhone that works quite well, has the latest software, many app's; and I haven't been bothered too much by the Edge network. My problem still is trying to decide if it's worth upgrading to the 3G. I have a 100.00 Apple gift card (from the rebate program) that will help with...
  2. oab

    Transferring notes to new 3G phone

    Looked for this-couldn't find a similar question. Went to Apple Store this morning to purchase a new 3G phone although there is nothing wrong with my current edge iPhone. When I asked the clerk if all of my contacts, settings (blue tooth, etc.) would transfer over to my new phone he said that...
  3. oab

    Help! My contacts are being duplicated

    Ever since I upgraded iTunes to and installed the iPhone 1.1.1 update, whenever I sync, my contacts are duplicated both in the phone and Outlook Express. After this first happened, I deleted all of the duplicates both in the phone and Outlook Express. Just synched a while ago to update...
  4. oab

    AC Charger

    Does anyone leave their AC charger plugged into the wall all of the time? Recently my AC charger quit working--Apple sent me a new one and it works fine however, I'm wondering if leaving the charger plugged into the wall (connected to a surge protector of course) could have caused the premature...
  5. oab

    In Store Credit

    For the past couple of days I have tried several times to get my "early purchase" in store credit. I log on to, go to step 1, enter my phone number and iPhone serial number. Apple texts me an access code--I try to go to step 2 and all I get is "page cannot be displayed". Any ideas?
  6. oab

    iPhone earpiece

    Questions--does anyone have the iPhone earpiece volume set to anything other than the maximum? Are others having difficluity hearing phone conversations through the earpiece? In my office or in a quiet setting with the phone volume turned all the way up I can hear the caller through the...
  7. oab

    Motorola T305

    Just exchanged my Motorola HF820 portable bluetooth hands-free speaker for the Motorola T305. The 305 paired right away and is working however, after pairing, then trying the speaker a couple of times my phone froze. I turned the phone off and on which solved that problem. Since then, the...
  8. oab

    When I log on to application web site does this modify my phone?

    There are getting to be quite a few applications for the iPhone. Question--when I log on to one of the application web sites does this modify my phone? I logged on to both the typing speed test and the converter applications, now I'm worried that my phone may be modified in some way and will...
  9. oab

    Help with iPhone notes

    Does anyone know of a way to retrieve notes which have been accidentally deleted? Just deleted a lot of information which took about an hour to enter.
  10. oab

    Problem with Yahoo email: mime-attachment

    I am using AOL as my main e-mail account--it works great on my iPhone except whenever I receive an e-mail from Yahoo. When I attempt to open the e-mail from Yahoo all I get is a small gray box with "mime-attachment" below the box--doesn't matter whether the content is in the body or an...
  11. oab

    Saving Documents

    Does anyone know of a way to store about 2 pages of text in my iPhone. In case an emergency I am required to report certain data to the authorities for my company. I would like to store this information in my iPhone so that I will always have it with me. I did e-mail the info to myself and...