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    More Interesting unusual questions

    1.Can you attach any size docs with yahoo mail? 2.Does iPhones unlimited texting include unlimited INTERNATIONAL texting? 3.In landscape mode, can one type with two thumbs faster? 4. So no OSX software can be downloaded and installed on it yet? 5. Can it pair with any BT headset?
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    Anyone got a prepaid/Gophone iPhone yet?

    how does it work if you have a bad credit score or no SSN?
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    Just heard something depressing abt iPhone

    which is that u cannot install any software which is third party on no VOIP, no gizmoproject, no google talk...SAAAAAAAAAD
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    Newbie's Unusual Questions

    1. Its just a GSM device-why cant it be unlocked? 2. Can one use any voip on it via wifi like Gizmo Project, Skype etc? 3. If one buys an iPhone but does not activate it on ATT can i still use the other features and Wifi based telephony? Can the iPhone be used without the ATT?