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    Slow 3G speeds... HELP!

    I just ran a 3g test from my iPhone on and I'm only getting speeds of 200-300kbps. Before, I was getting 1mb-1.2mb. I'm in Los Angeles by the way. Is anybody else getting slow speeds recently? I called AT&T and they told me to reset my network and did other troubleshooting but...
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    Does anybody have a better 3G icon?

    The new 3g and edge icons on the 2.1 firmware are ugly. Does anybody have any better icons or the original ones on 2.0?
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    EDGE/3G outage in LA area?

    My 3g iPhone won't connect to the internet. My friend's v1 iPhone can't connect through EDGE either. Anybody else in LA affected?
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    Just got the 3G iPhone

    I laid my v1 iPhone to rest finally and bought the 3g iPhone yesterday. 3g speeds are incredibly fast! I'm consistently getting 1.40+ mbps download speeds which is 9x faster than edge. I'm in the Redondo Beach area BTW. Lovin' it so far! Also, the screen on the 3g definitely looks pretty...
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    PWNGE TOOL 2.0 is OUT NOW! Somebody with a 3G try it out and report please
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    Apple store will not sell 3G to AT&T customers that get discounts on their talk plan

    Just called Apple to see if this was the case and sure enough, they said they can't sell the 3g iPhone to people who get discounts from AT&T (or old talk plans I'm assuming). They said you would have to get the discount lifted from AT&T. I have a VERY old talk plan---I'm paying $29.99 a month...
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    Resolve the "yellow screen" issue by RESTORING

    Restore via iTunes to download a new version of the firmware (2.0, 5A347). The colors will look much better after you restore. The shipping firmware on the iPhone 3G is 2.0 5A345. After the restore, the colors will be close to v1 iPhone colors. Post your results.
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    Yellow screens! Why Apple? Why?

    Apple screws up with the screens again. Wow. Anybody remember this problem last year? 2 diffferent LCD manufacturers led to one screen having white dots everywhere and the other being clear. But this year, every screen has this yellow tint. Yuck! I was just about to go buy it right now and saw...
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    3G speeds DISAPPOINTING... *video proof*

    Pretty disappointed after reading and seeing this...
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    Is "data plan only" available?

    Last year when I bought my iPhone, I just added the $20 data plan to my existing talk plan which is $26.99 a month. So I've been paying $46.99 per month for the last year. If I want the new 3g iPhone, am I able to just get the 3g data plan for $30 and add it to my existing $26.99 talk plan?
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    OrbLive users HELP!!

    What's causing the TV streams to stutter and constantly buffer? Even over wi-fi, Live TV is constantly buffering and not playing fluidly. I've seen youtube videos of people playing Live TV flawlessly with no hiccups. So what does it take to get mine working like this? Do I need a faster...
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    I'll get the 3G iPhone if....

    .... it can be jailbroken so that orb live or slingplayer mobile will work on it. Watching live TV on orblive over EDGE is pretty bad. But it looks awesome over Wi-Fi. And being that 3G speeds are close to Wi-Fi, this would be the only reason I would get the 3G iPhone. Does anybody remember how...
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    No AT&T Mobile TV service on 3G?

    Are you kidding me? Why did they sleep on this feature? I was looking forward to mobile tv. My friend has it on his phone and he always rubs it in my face. 3G iPhone is a major disappointment!
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    Restoring a jailbroken 1.0.2 QUESTION

    I'm on AT&T with a jailbroken 1.0.2. What exactly do I need to do to upgrade the phone to 1.1.4 without bricking it? Thanks!
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    Receiver died during call. Help!

    My receiver died during a phone call. I can't hear the other person if I put the phone to my ear. I can now only hear the person talking if I put it on speaker or if I plug in my headphones. I did a reset by pushing the top button and the home button until the Apple logo appears but that...
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    Customize app problem

    In the rsbt app, I have a couple apps that have no icons next to it. See pic below. I have no idea where this demoapp came from and the icon next to iPod disappeared. I had all my icons hidden on my home screen but ever since the iPod icon disappeared in the rsbt app, the ipod icon is the only...
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    LCD screen difference on Yahoo news

    They are saying the 5 screen is better because its brighter and sharper than the 7. I've compared a 5 and a 7 side by side playing the same movie at the same time. The movie was a downloaded comedy clip off the internet so the quality was so-so. The 7 looked way smoother, the blacks looked...
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    iTunes sync question...

    If you delete a movie from your iTunes library after you synced it into your iPhone, will that movie disappear from your iPhone if you connect to your computer the next time? Meaning, do I have to keep that movie in iTunes all the time if I keep syncing up to my computer?
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    The Ultimate iPhone Software Update Discussion Thread

    I called 800-my-iphone and they said an update is coming next week to fix some of the bugs including battery issues. Don't know what a software update can do for the battery but we'll see.
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    Anybody selling their Blackberry after buying the iPhone?

    Is anybody selling their Blackberry after buying the iPhone?