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  1. MuscleMommy

    Cordless Earbuds? Which do you advise?

    So I am on a hunt for some cordless earphones. I have tiny ears so I want something that is cordless and comfy. I want cordless Bluetooth set because well every three weeks my arse is hooked up to all kinds of stuff for chemo for 5 straight days then add in a hospital visit usually once a...
  2. MuscleMommy

    Eek! Battery usage

    I have the i5 for about a week now. In beginning my battery was great. But as I have added apps it has gone way down hill. I am in chemo today and noticed my usage is 40% of battery life from 1 he and 49 minutes of use and that is just from reading FB playing two songs on spotify and...
  3. MuscleMommy

    Remembering less fortunate during holidays

    I hope everyone here on eIc has a great holiday and stays safe. Please remember the families that do not get to fully enjoy the day with family and friends that are busy fighting for their life. That would include me. I have chemo for 6 hours on Christmas Day. Yes it sucks and I am sure I...
  4. MuscleMommy

    Question about playing music

    I never really used my 3GS to play music. But with the 5 I put on spotify so I can listen during chemo or when stuck in bathroom sick :( I can't figure out how to fast forward past a song unless going Into spotify and click on fast forward button. There has to be an easier way right? I can't...
  5. MuscleMommy

    Making email stop pushing

    How can I completely turn it off. I went into settings and changed to manual push and changed the notifications settings and the damn thing is STILL pushing :(
  6. MuscleMommy

    Hola friends, I get my phone tomorrow

    Hi everyone. I haven't been in a long time. Cancer fighting is hard job sometimes <sigh> Back to why I am posting. I am FiNALLY getting rid of my 3GS and going to a 5 tomorrow -Yay as a present for a milestone I reached personally in my fight. Soooooooo as my new gift to myself what does...
  7. MuscleMommy

    My iPad is going crazy HELP

    I came home and was going to get on my iPad. I put in my pw and it started opening up random apps and web pages and would not let me control it. It was acting as if an invisible kid was on it having a good ole time. I did a hard restart and it then it went crazy tying stuff in the pw field...
  8. MuscleMommy

    Fist Pump for MuscleMommy

    HI everyone - first before you ask - no I am not from NJ LOL - just felt like giving this thread a dorky title. I wanted to start a thread to maybe get some entertainment from members as I go through a journey over the next year that is going to be painful and daunting to say the list. I...
  9. MuscleMommy

    I just got an iPad - what to protect with?

    Long story short I just received and ipad2 as a gift ( I will share the story behind it shortly when I have more time) and I am not taking it out of the box until I get a protection on it since I have kids. Any suggestions? Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  10. MuscleMommy

    Question about qr barcodes

    Lately I see a lot of these funky barcodes on products I have bought in stores. Laundry detergent, food packages and even saw one on tv when I was watching something on the CW network. What are these for? I was just curious Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  11. MuscleMommy

    Trying to update to iOS 5 on my 3GS

    I am trying to go in an update my 3gs to the IOS5. I usually never have backed up my system other than syncing it so I am afraid to update before I get my question asked. #1 - is there anything special I have to do to back up my iPhone? I am really thinking I am missing something. The...
  12. MuscleMommy

    Help! Changing my battery and I am stuck

    I am trying to change my battery on my iPhone 3gs. I have done GREAT until I have to reconnect that stupid 3rd connector - I can not for the life of me figure out how to get it back in the slot. Any suggestions? I cant afford a new phone and I cant afford to have anyone help me so I bought...