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    i am jailbroken on firmware 2.2.1

    yup i jailbroke the iPhone 2.2.1 it works properly there is nothing wrong with it it all works well..... the only thing is that the modem firmware does get updated but if you care in using yellowsnow it fully worth it don't
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    jailbreak 2.2.1?

    im not really sure for the new firmware do i have to restore than rejailbreak or can i just upgrade without restoring? but if don't restore will my jailbroken apps would they still be there ?
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    i have an iPhone 2g

    what i would like to know is i am currently in fimeware 1.1.4 and if i update to 2.0 am i able to jailbreak it with the same tool you can jailbreak and iPhone 3g
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    I need help with my Mail, and YouTube

    I need help with my Mail, and Youtube the problem is I jailbroke my phone with ZiPhone and after that the 2 apps did not work what can I do to fix them
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    i need installer help please

    i was trying to install "space fix" but then whe i rebooted my phone installer wasn't there anymore it dissaperd can anyone help me with this how can i get installer back
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    what can I do if I want to upgrade

    If I want to upgrade to 1.1.3 do i have to restore my iPhone first then upgrade or just go to iTunes and just press update
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    can anyone help me with this upgrade?

    Plzz help I want to know if before I upgrade to the new firmware 1.1.3 I have to restore or just update what do I do first I'm trying to do this out of a jailbroken 1.1.2 I have searched for this but I haven't been able to find the answeard I need can some one be kind and explain to me...
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    Yahoo chat

    is there a yahoo chat application that i can you use
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    help problem with applications

    what can i do to fix the crashing of applications on my phone
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    i want installer app. on my iPhone but i have firmware 1.1.2

    what can i do to have installer app.
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    if i want to update?

    should i just restore and update even though i have 3rd party application? can anyone help me idk if i should update it because i have3rd party applications
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    customize app. problems

    it wont customize my iPhone? what can i do to fix it?
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    installer .app

    can i install, installer .app with ibricker or do i have to install it another way. can anyone help me with this.
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    how can i use the internet

    how can i use the iPhone as a modem for my computer so that i can i use the internet on my iPhone in my computer.......? can anyone help me do this step be step?
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    can the iPhone work as a modem for the computer internet?

    if it can can anybody explain it to me how can i do it because i really need to know please :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::smile:
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    How can i monitor my desktop computer from my iPhone?

    I'm looking for a way to monitor my computer using my iPhone. Is this possible and if so, what's involved. Thanks for your help.