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    Official iPhone Software Update 2.1 Discussion

    I'm in love again with my iPhone EDGE. Its been a frustrating couple of months for me. A totally unstable phone. I'd given up on using the apps store out of fear of a reset and it being stuck on the Apple boot screen. Laggy. Just not a fun phone to use anymore. Then this update. Downloaded...
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    Multiple Problems after...

    how about getting the person who pushed you in the pool/lake to buy you a new iPhone? i can't help you, but that sucks. good quick thinking by you though.
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    "More bars in more places"? YEAH. RIGHT.

    Cingular now att is all i've ever used as a cellphone provider and in my area (milwaukee/se wi) the coverage is pretty good. I think it just depends on where you are living.
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    Custom mp3 ringtones for 2.0 and iTunes 7.7

    How did i not know about this. Awesome, thanks. It works great.
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    Any 1st generation owners having second thoughts?

    When i showed the mac genius the problem (part of the touch screen was unresponsive) he pulled out a small plain box with a iPhone EDGE out of a drawer like it was old hat. I guessing they have plenty of old ones ready to replace problem iPhone EDGE's. I was maybe hoping to get a 3G for free...
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    iPhone 3G on eBay...What the heck!

    If you buy the iPhone and sign up for a plan, pay for the first month of service and the early termination fee, the iPhone 3G is available to use as you please. If youre in the US though, the iPhone 3G will only work on the att 3G network. So its pretty pointless to buy a iPhone 3G on ebay if...
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    Apps not getting synced?

    I'm have trouble with reverse syncing apps (buying apps on the iPhone and syncing them back to iTunes). Sometimes it works, most times it doesn't.
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    Is it worth it to upgrade to 2.0

    I'm speaking from a bit of ignorance here because i've never jailbroken or modded or done anything not Apple sanctioned to my iPhone, but possibly stability and speed. I have had an app crash on me and while installing one app (one created by Apple ironically) have the phone reset, but for the...
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    Any 1st generation owners having second thoughts?

    I prefer the metal back as well, but the plastic back isn't a deal breaker. I went with my friend yesterday to the Apple store so he could get a 3G and i could get my iPhone EDGE fixed/replaced (on iPhone #4 btw, got first one on iDay). He finally got his and i gotta say it has a better feel...
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    Speculation: US is not target of iPhone 3G

    Market share. If ppl use one of your products and like it, they tend to take a look at what else your company has to offer. Apple could just keep aiming just for the higher end of the cellphone market, but i think Apple is really looking to be a big player in the mobile market on par with...
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    Speculation: US is not target of iPhone 3G

    kind of like the ipod shuffle or nano? Gadgets at the lower end of the market aren't new or amazing technology. I see a flip phone or iPhone nano with a built in ipod (with the option for a date plan with safari, email, stocks and weather widget) that's free with contract selling pretty well...
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    Speculation: US is not target of iPhone 3G

    3G is more important in europe and the reason the EDGE iPhone didn't sell well in the UK. I really think the sales in europe are going to be where the 3G iPhone really shines. I would even venture to say that 3-5 years from now cellphone sales will be their #1 product as opposed to ipods...
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    Connection Timing Out After Update?

    i can't take the credit. its from gizmodo. still funny
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    Connection Timing Out After Update?

    Wow this is FUBAR. First off why for a firmware update should i have to connect to a server? It should be download the update and install the update. Real brilliant system that makes you connect to a server in the middle of a firmware update which can lead to a potentially temporarily bricked...
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    Updated today, or waiting?

    i was so close to doing it this morning but i held myself back and have decided to wait. its killing me though.
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    As successful? [POLL]

    iPhone 3G is gonna blow up in europe. Also with exchange support, the iPhone has a whole new market in the US. I wouldn't be surprised if they sold 10 million + from July 11th till the end of the year.
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    Which Would You Rather Have?

    Pretty much what has happened is the iPhone is now available for a smaller down payment and you pay extra in interest. Which would you rather have? The iPhone for $399 and $499 with a $20 data plan or the new model of $199 and $299 with a $30 data plan.
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    Do we have to wait till the 11th for the app store too?

    while that makes sense, you wonder why they would give an exact date for the 3G release and say the 2.0 update would be early july. Would lead me to believe it would be sooner. I'm not expecting it before the 11th though.
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    In one year, iPhone has dropped $400 in price.

    Right after iDay and they took the thing apart it was widely reported that Apple was making 200-300 dollars on every iPhone sold. I'm guessing you bought it on iDay, but anyone after that has no excuse.
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    In one year, iPhone has dropped $400 in price.

    well the data plan is 10 bucks more now so factor that in. Over the course of 3 years and 4 months the price of the phones become equal. We still got raped, but that's the price you pay to be first sometimes. I still can't believe the price has dropped as much as it has in only a year. I...