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    Did you switch?

    Switched from Verizon with the change in contract a few months ago and got out with no early termination fee :)
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    Did you sell anything to buy your iPhone?

    You could kind of say I got paid to get an iPhone! When the iPhone was announced in January we had just switched to Verizon. My wife and I decided to switch to AT&T to get the iPhone and coincidentally Verizon changed their contract and we were able to get out of our contracts (that were less...
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    For those interested in 'upgrading' from 4GB to 8GB

    My wife got a 4GB version and is completely happy with it. She doesn't even have 1GB worth of stuff on it. She might eventually fill it up, but by then there will be a new model out and she can have my 8GB. I want a 20GB model ;)
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    how do you transfer home video to iPhone?

    HandBrake is available for Mac, Windows and Linux
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    here's my plan: to avoid 2-year contract

    Get an iPhone and stick to the contract or get a freakin Razr or Crackberry. I got two iPhones and just added the $20/mo. data plans to our family plan. Worked like a charm, and I don't plan on going anywhere (since I've got $1200 invested in equipment) so I'm happy. I understand you don't...
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    28 Page iPhone Review ! ! ! ! !

    Wow, what a great review! It took me a while to read it but it's spot on! Good job to the reviewer...
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    Keep the iPhone or not

    Just open it. All the criticism is hyped, the phone is awesome. Yes, it has a couple flaws but even with it's 100000000% better than every other phone out there.
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    Secondhand phone recommendation

    I have a Treo 680 for sale since I got a nice shiny iPhone. If you're interested PM me - I don't have a use for it anymore ;)
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    Drop your iPhone yet?

    I've dropped mine 3 times, 2 on carpet and one on linoleum (on top of concrete). It doesn't have a scratch on it and works flawlessly. I've attached it with superglue to my hand so it won't happen again ;)
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    How Long Did You Wait?

    Waited 10 hours (got there just before 8 AM), was #43 in line and I got two iPhones, a 8 GB for me and a 4GB for my wife ;)
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    Dentist appointment EXTENDED do to iPhone.

    I've had half a dozen people stop me so far. It's funny really, like they couldn't just watch the videos on
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    NEWS: iPhone root password cracked in three days

    I don't know... would be cool to know. I think they might eventually include a simple terminal. At least I hope so... as a webmaster and server admin I'd love to be able to SSH into my sites from my iPhone. :)
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    Can't Connect to HTTPS websites

    Yep, I've loaded up my Rackspace hosting, Bank of America, several of my websites admins, and more in SSL with no problems.
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    how do you transfer home video to iPhone?

    If you have DVD's or other video formats that can't just by synced through iTunes, you can use HandBrake (google it) to convert the video to a format (MPEG-4 video) that is supported. I've converted several to just under 400px wide and they look great on my iPhone. I'm working on converting some...
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    What do you want fixed on your Gen 1 iPhone?

    iChat Video on camera Cut/Copy/Paste PUSH email ability to SEARCH contacts!
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    6+ hours to charge my iPhone?

    I noticed that as well... plug in to an outlet. I plug into an AC adapter every night now. MUCH quicker.
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    opinions on the camera

    I'm a little confused at why they included a camera. It's 2 MP but it's got zero configuration, no flash and more importantly, no video. I have 3 digital cameras including an Elph so small it fits in my pocket and a $2000 digital SLR. I probably wont' be using the iPhone camera. Hopefully...
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    What's on your iPhone?

    I just synced my playlists and a TON of videos! I have all the iPhone videos from Apple, the jobs/gates interview, some jack johnson concerts and more. Awesome! Oh, and calendar, 1000+ contacts, bookmarks, and more.
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    Battery life is garbage

    I tried to drain my battery. I've been using this thing constantly. Email is set to check as often as possible, and I have 4 accounts setup. I play videos all the time (I ripped a 2-dvd set of Jack Johnson concerts and have watched them straight through) and have been listening to music and...
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    TAKE YOUR iPhone Apart!

    Wow, that looked hard! I have taken Treos, Blackberries, and laptops apart and that's complicated. The only thing that really stood out was that the battery is soldered to the motherboard. That means as batteries die and we want them replaced, it's going to be expensive to send them to Apple...