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    Favorite Headsets (not headphones)

    What is your favorite headset for your iPhone? Now I realize most of you had to get the adapter as well but what is the best headset for your phone? Also, I'm looking into one that can also double as a good headphones as well.
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    Anyone had Airplane Mode turn off?

    airplane mode goes away yeah i have this problem as well. i'm not sure how it works. but it's like this.. 1) i put airplane mode on. 2) the screen goes to sleep 3) 50/50 chance that when i wake it, i will see bars or the airplane. anyone have a solution?
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    Uninstall Ifuntastic

    I want to uninstall iFuntastic all together off my phone. I want to only use apptapp. How do you delete iFuntastic off your phone?:angry:
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    Mass SMS?

    What's the best flipping app? What are you referring to?
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    CALI Insurance for iPhone

    Anyone here find a place or an agency that will provide you with iPhone insurance? Please let me know, I will contact them right away and purchase a plan. Thanks.
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    Mass SMS?

    Anyone know if/when Apple plans to introduce mulitple SMS? It seems like such an obvious thing they left out. And so simple to correct (considering email can do it and it's the same interface).
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    iPhone crashing since update 1.0.2

    My iPhone was FLAWLESS prior to update #2. I haven't modded a single thing. After update 1.0.2, when I get an incoming call while I'm on a call -- I lose both calls and the phone freezes up. I have to reboot the entire phone to get it working again. It's not horrible, but if I'm doing...
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    Custom SMS

    How do I put my own special words that I use a lot into the iPhone dictionary? For example, I use the abbreviation "PBR" a lot and it always changes it to something a lot. I'd like to add it to the suggested list... Any thoughts? Thanks.
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    The Ultimate Skin Guide for iPhone

    to explain further..... there is definitely moisture underneath the skin that makes the BEAUTIFUL screen quality really not so great... will this go away in time?... or must i use another skin?
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    The Ultimate Skin Guide for iPhone

    awesome stuff, i really appreciate what you have written here... my question is as follows ... i have waited for a few hours now and when i turned my iPhone on... it's clear that the screen isn't as clear... it's odd looking because i think the skin is still wet.... what do i do? should i...
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    Terrible battery life [Original iPhone]

    My battery is so bad. I got up today at 6:30am and by 4 this afternoon it was telling me "20% left, please charge" I was on the phone for MAYBE 2 hours. WiFi off, lower on the brightness scale, email checks manually. I did a good amount of texting but that should NOT wear it down so...
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    contacts with Mac

    yeah, i realized this an hour ago - i'm sorta retarded.. thanks.
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    contacts with Mac

    so i have a simple question. (I use Powerbook + iPhone)... When you add a new contact to your phone, you cannot choose what category to put it in.... THEREFORE, unless you sync ALL contacts, you won't get the new contact on your computer. So currently, I have 3 categories, that's it...
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    EEK! No support for SMS to multiple contacts!

    hey paul, have you figured it out yet? i am like you, a promoter, need mass SMS...