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  1. shawnhimself

    Verizon unveils iPhone rival Voyager

    It will be Verizon's UI. All of their phones have the same Verizon type interface. Hence why it was stated that Verizon cripples their cell phones with the awful interface they provide with them.
  2. shawnhimself

    Good News: Downgrade to 1.0.2

    Yeah just use AppTapp to jailbreak the phone, then you can get rid of it and use iBrickr if you like. This process is just like a regular restore, so whatever you have synched with iTunes will be there when you restore.
  3. shawnhimself

    Good News: Downgrade to 1.0.2

    I wasn't able to use iBrickr instead of AppTapp. However once AppTapp does it's thing iBrickr works as usual.
  4. shawnhimself

    Good News: Downgrade to 1.0.2

    My phone is fully functional with 1.0.2 and the 1.1.1 baseband.
  5. shawnhimself

    Good News: Downgrade to 1.0.2

    Back to 1.0.2 Suck it Apple.
  6. shawnhimself

    Sell me your $100 Apple credit

    I'm willing to part with mine for $80. If interested email me at
  7. shawnhimself

    I HAVE AN iPhone!

    It's a joke to make fun of nerds like you who even give a **** that they get called a 'n00b'. Congrats on your post count. Now go play some world of warcraft.
  8. shawnhimself

    I HAVE AN iPhone!

    Why would you make this thread...especially when you see how pissed off everyone is. n00b.
  9. shawnhimself

    Official iPhone Software Update 1.0.2 Discussion

    For those on the month-to-month plans, the account balance used to flash after every transaction and it was extremely annoying. Mine hasn't done it since the update...
  10. shawnhimself

    Where glass meets the chrome

    Use an air compressor or keyboard cleaner to blow it all out.
  11. shawnhimself

    Just returned 4-day-old iPhone for a 0-day-old iPhone

    What all is needed for an exchange? I'm on the road for work and I don't have the receipt of purchase with me.
  12. shawnhimself

    Crazy video of an iPhone

    I enjoyed the comments. People under the age of 14 shouldn't be allowed to access the keyboard on a computer.
  13. shawnhimself


    That was the only thing that really held me back from buying an iPhone. Unfortunately I wandered into an AT&T store and walked out with one after 5 minutes. It seems to be pretty tough so I would just enjoy having it.
  14. shawnhimself

    iPhone screen smash wallpaper practical joke

    I hope someone buys it.
  15. shawnhimself

    Incase protective cover...anyone?

    I can't comment on the dust collection underneath because everyone has scared me from taking the damn thing off and stretching it...
  16. shawnhimself

    The Ultimate iPhone Software Update Discussion Thread

    He's an insider.
  17. shawnhimself

    How many iPhones have you you gone through?

    What is the exchange policy anyway.
  18. shawnhimself

    Do you type with one finger or two?

    I find it easier to type with my thumbs on either vertical or landscape.