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    The "Phone App" won't open iPhone 6

    Have a friend with the oddest problem. Her Phone App will not open. You call, it will show the green bar at the top of the springboard or will do nothing. When the green bar is there, you cannot tap it to open the phone app. It will show missed calls. Cannot call out. We've tried hard reset...
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    MacBook Air Antivirus needed for MacBook Air?

    Bought my daughter a MacBook Air for Christmas. Never had a Mac of any kind before. Should we an antivirus program? Any other security tips for a new comer to the Mac world? I
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    App icon showing on lock screen?

    Today I noticed there was an icon on the bottom left of my lock screen. It's the AT&T logo. Wasn't on my wife's iPhone and we were standing next to one another. Anyone seen it before? Know why it's there? A couple of hours's gone.
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    First iPhone 6 sold dropped

    Is this real?
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    Odd behavior on iPhone

    My wife has an iPhone 5. Recently she's been getting blank iMessages from my Daughter's iPod Touch. Now we've confirmed the Touch is not sending them. It's dead and has been for a while now. We've not sold any iDevices with that iTunes account. There is no reason she should be getting the...
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    Can not disable Auto-play on Ford Sync. iPhone or Ford issue?

    I just did a run through the search feature of the eiC and didn't find this issue. It's rather annoying. Every time I get in our car with MicroSoft Sync, the systems connects through media bluetooth and begins playing music. Now I have disabled the "auto-play" feature, but it doesn't' stop it...
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    Target's 1000th Post Reveal

    When I joined the forum ranks in late 2008 I was setting my sites on being a Zea lot. I though, wow, this group knows everything (pardon the pun) about iOS. I was new to iPhone and wanted to learn more. I found my way here from and still believe the Treo 650 to be the best...
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    iPad 2 on iOS 7 is slow

    For sometime now my iPad 2 has been slowing down since updating to iOS 7. The problem was a minor inconvenience but at time progresses it is getting slower. The wait for an app to open is crazy; safari is dog slow. It's near unusable. I've tried a hard reboot and resetting all settings but...
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    iWorks issue

    Hello, I recently downloaded the iWork suite. In testing how docs would work through iCloud, I get this error message: When I go to the App Store I see that I have it and no update is needed: What am I missing to open the doc on the iPhone Pages app?
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    Bluetooth Speakers - Advice needed. me out here. We don't have any and thought it would be a great gift for our 13-year old. What's the best (not crazy expensive) Bluetooth speaker for our girl. Do they make waterproof? Yes, she sings in the shower. Sent from iPhone 5 using iCafe app
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    iCloud backup - possible rip off!

    Okay here's a annoying little tidbit for you: For the past couple of days I received iOS alerts and Apple sent emails that I was over my 5-gig limit. Backups did not occur. Once I upgraded, my backup went fine. What's odd is the backup isn't over 5-gig. Why did I have to upgrade to get the back...
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    iPhone 5 Power Button not working

    Odd thing I'm starting to notice, my power button on my iPhone 5 isn't working. It's intermittent but failing more as days progress. I started noticing it after iOS 7, but not convinced it is software related. Any thoughts? Target Sent using iCafe app on iPad 2
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    Bluetooth pairing issue

    Hello All, Some may know my wife got a new iPhone 5. She also has an wifi only iPad mini. When she had her 4s, she would use Bluetooth to tether her iPad to the iPhone for data on the go. I do the same with my wifi only iPad 2 to my iPhone 5. But on her new phone, I can't get Bluetooth to pair...
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    Can I login with personal account, download app and switch back to business account?

    Hi Folks, Got a question for you gurus. I have a personal iPad. I also was issued a work iPad with a company Apple ID. I have some apps on my personal that I would like to get on my work iPad. One app in particular I got free working as a beta tester that is now $139. Its Remote Desktop...
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    Buy iPhone now or wait

    Okay, should i buy the iPhone 5 or wait till the next one? I realize that this question has been asked hundreds of times before. I also realize that the next iPhone is only speculation in features and release date. I've been able to upgrade from my iPhone 4 since December. My daughter has the...
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    Need Technical Advice on Spy Software

    DISCLAIMER: I'm not looking for advice on parenting or the moral issues surround using spy software and spy apps. I'm looking for advice from people who have used spy apps successfuly. The person that would use the software is the owner of the phone and the service account. If you want to...
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    WiFi iPad 2 using iPhone 4 Hot Spot question

    In another thread I shared we just went with a family share plan on AT&T for our data. So using my wifi only ipad 2 I've learned that iMessages don't go from the iPad when teathered (is that a word?) to my iPhone. Is this normal? Target Sent from my iPad2 using iCafe app
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    What's your thoughts on AT&T Shared Data?

    I've ran the numbers and I'll save $10-$15 per month on shared data for 3 iPhones. We have never gone over on data charges. We'll lose one unlimited plan. Gain unlimited talk and hot spot. I've been told we'll gain FaceTime over cellular as well. What's your thoughts and experience with AT&T...
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    Classic Map App

    So a friend of mine showed this app last night called Classic Map. It's the old Google Maps on iOS 6. He let me navigate (pardon the pun) the whole app. It's identical to the old map app. I go to the App Store and it gone. States that I can't download it in the US Store. Anyone get lucky and get...
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    Info about Unlocked iPhones

    I'm nearing the end of my contract with AT&T on my iPhone 4. I've read here that AT&T has been unlocking the phones after the contract is up. As I understand it, unlocking the phone allows it to be used on any GSM based carrier. But I'm looking for the benefits here. I'm planning on selling my 4...