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  1. LMen

    MacBook Old question: MacBook: black or white?

    Black go Black, it's thinning and goes with everything. It works at the office or if you have an engagement after work, dress it up with some pearls! Really all I want to do is remove this reminder...
  2. LMen

    What job do you do?

    I love her, I miss her, I can't wait to kiss her, So soon I'll be off to Alberta! I mean Vancouver! crap! Her name is Alberta, she lives in Vancou- We should be sorry about the hijack!:laugh2:
  3. LMen

    Would you buy this iPhone? (pics)

    I would only by it if I were BLIND! Run away from that thing, Really, I mean it run away!
  4. LMen

    Buy at Apple Retail sore or AT&T Store?

    My feeling is that i would get better help from the Apple staff with their hardware then from AT&T....but that's just me.
  5. LMen

    What job do you do?

    I'm going with my girlfriend from Canada...:laugh2:
  6. LMen

    What job do you do?

    Far Out! I Saw Avenue Q in NYC 2 years ago and I loved it. Who did you play in it? Can't wait to see it again here in ATL in a couple of months.:laugh2: "What's my purpose?"
  7. LMen

    Please help I have problem with WiFi

    Yeah, it sounds as if you are either not putting in the right password, or your password is not valid...
  8. LMen

    HELP!Mac Laptop does not see iPhone after Archive & Install

    Just a simple new download and re-install of iTunes did the trick!
  9. LMen

    HELP!Mac Laptop does not see iPhone after Archive & Install of the first things that I tried. No Go! what next?
  10. LMen

    HELP!Mac Laptop does not see iPhone after Archive & Install

    pretty much what the title says, had to reinstall Tiger and now when I connect the iPhone, iTunes does not recognize it! What am I missing?:angry:
  11. LMen

    Too scared to use your iPhone?

    big big #3 user, now let's get on with it!:laugh2:
  12. LMen

    Bottom left speaker the only one that works?

    never gets old.:smile:
  13. LMen

    Do Apple employees even USE this thing?

    I don’t know… but I get the feeling that deep inside Cupertino there’s a group of beta-testers (Jobs included) that, if they don’t already have V2 of the iPhone, then they are probably rolling around with Ver. 2.3 of the software. That and the idea that they knew that they had time to get...
  14. LMen

    Need help adding Album cover art on iPhone

    Or you can google the app Clutter. Very useful... never mind here's the linky: :2cool:
  15. LMen

    I'v bought in now...

    How would you go about removing the battery?:gasp:
  16. LMen

    Music Recommendations

    Great Thread! The Stage Names - Okkervil River:2cool:
  17. LMen

    GMail IMAP for those of you waiting for the option!

    Been work fine since Friday!:laugh2:
  18. LMen

    Need to transfer iTunes off iPhone

    Search for PodWorks, haven't use it for a while but thats what i always used to move files back and forth!
  19. LMen

    Raided the Apple store on my way home...

    Great review, I've had the same case for about 2 weeks and I think it's the best! Question though, and sorry for appearing ignorant, but what dock is that in your pictures? It's not the standard out of the box iPhone dock is it? It can't be or i would feel soo inadequate:gasp:. Thanks!
  20. LMen

    iPhone's weird glitches

    So more inportant... how do you get the clock next to the battery symbol?:gasp: