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  1. radtechy01

    iPhone 8 iPhone 7 to 8 and moving and iCloud Drive account to a family share

    So my wife has the 50gig drive plan and I have the 200gig. I want to stop her plan and have it go on mine. All her drive space is Photos and her phone backup. 1-How can I get her photos on to HER share of MY iCloud space? Her photos are not saved like files in iCloud Drive they’re on the...
  2. radtechy01

    iOS 9 on a 4s

    I picked up a 4s for my dad this will be his first smart phone it's a 16 gig Verizon and he won't be using a lot of the space for music etc. so my question is will the 4s be able to handle iOS 9? I know Apple says that it it will but from a serious standpoint will it? I know in the past with...
  3. radtechy01

    iPhone 6s 6s plus accelerometer issue

    I'm having a problem that the phone is getting confused when changing orientations it gets stuck and sometimes also the homescreen will be right and my keyboard will be sideways still
  4. radtechy01

    iPhone 6s Should I trade in my 6 to Verizon

    I have a new 6s+ and now my 6 128 gig I own b/c the 2 year was up (now I'm leasing). I was thinking of keeping it for a back up. Now for when the 7 comes out my wife's 2 year will be up and she will be leasing then we have another 6 128 gig that we will own. Should I get the 350 Verizon is...