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  1. frizz

    hard time rejailbreaking

    phone froze had to do a full restore, tried using blackra1n and i get nothing, can someone please help me to jailbreak my phone again version 3.13 7e18 att 5.6
  2. frizz

    iTunes on another hard drive

    I'm trying to get iTunes to search for the music in my library on another hard drive, how do I do that? The reason for this is that my c drive is full so I bought a terabyte drive and moved all my music over to the new drive, now all my music shows up as not being there. Is there a way to get...
  3. frizz

    jailbreaking v1 iPhone

    I just upgraded to firmware3.1.2 and would like to know how to rejailbreak, everything seems to favor 3g and the 3gs, can someone please direct me to the process please?
  4. frizz

    App store apps not loading

    I was wondering if anyone else has ran into this problem(bug), recently (two) days ago updated firmware in first gen iPhone to 2.2.1. Went to upgrade apps that I got from the app store and they're stuck. They have no name to them and they look like they're in the load stage with no fill in the...
  5. frizz

    What to install after jailbreaking?

    Just re-j/b my phone and remembered there was a list of sources and apps to install to make the phone easier to use and more stable. Could someone please direct me to the post if the know the location or tell me which ones to use? Thank you
  6. frizz

    How to put an audiobook on an iPod?

    can someone tell me the process of putting an audiobook onto an ipod
  7. frizz

    Downgrade to 7.5 iTunes

    can someone explain how to do this w/o loosing everything? Thank you in advance
  8. frizz

    iTunes 7.7 back to 7.5

    I have a question about how to uninstall 7.7 back to 7.5. By uninstalling it won't you loose all music,pics,podcasts when this is done, or is there a way to keep it without lose? I upgraded to 2.0 and now want to go back to 1.1.4 and rejailbreak, I miss my phone. (sob) I know one of the more...
  9. frizz

    To All Who Have Been So Kind

    jUST A QWIK WORD OF THANKS, AND TO ALL HAVE A GREAT DAY TODAY, FOR ALL OF YOU FATHERS, HAVE A HAPPY FATHERS DAY TOMORROW.i'M NOT PLAYING WITH THE PHONE TODAY. Hey I'm sorry, that was not my intention. Relax, take a deep breath, let it out, if you thought I was yelling well duh.
  10. frizz

    Themes Not Working

    Finished jail-breaking my phone installed all apps, opened winscp and ssh on phone d/l theme, it shows in smb prefs, touch it reboot phone, nothing. any help?
  11. frizz


    Had to rejail-break my phone, installed bsd,open ssh, community sources, summerboard, looking for big boss prefs and cannot find, what should i do
  12. frizz

    lil help

    I've asked earlier about how to get themes into my phone and why i can't find them, i could really use some help
  13. frizz

    Places to find Themes

    hey all, I know I've been a pain in the ass to a few with all my questions, and I'm sorry about that, but in my defense, I have never been to smart with programing, any how can some please direct me to a place to get themes, as I'll try to figure some things out on my own for a while. Thnx to...
  14. frizz

    lost some things

    just jailbroke my phone, tried to install some things, said failed to d/l package, also installed snapture, now gone any ideas HELP
  15. frizz


    how do you create an avitar? I am not really tech inclined