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  1. Muckcityjustin

    New Steve jobs movie actually looks good.

    Has anyone else seen the trailer?
  2. Muckcityjustin

    Frustration on resale this year?

    Is anyone else having a really hard time reselling an iPhone after upgrading this year? Usually every year I post my previous years model on CL and it sells in the first day. This year it's been up for a week and all I'm getting is low ball offers and scam offers from over seas.
  3. Muckcityjustin

    Fitbit lost mobile tracking after upgrade to iPhone 6

    Did anyone lose mobile tracking when upgrading to iPhone 6? I liked not being able to wear my Fitbit with the 5s and keep tracking my steps. I don't know if they just haven't updated since today's release or what? Thoughts?
  4. Muckcityjustin


    Here is my spread I'm starting to pack up now to head out on a couple day adventure on the Appalachian trail. I did a bunch of day hikes in all the snow we had this winter to keep in hike shape so I should be good to go!
  5. Muckcityjustin

    Had a slow day at the office so I did this.

    Took me about 2.5 hours to print and 30-40 minutes to install. I just purchased my first home and figured the wall was empty and needed something. Although the mrs. Isn't sure about the peoples faces being blurred. I think she'll be freaked out when she's home alone.
  6. Muckcityjustin

    Space grey 5s trim around glass

    Well I'm headed to Apple in about 10 minutes. Today the very small trim between the glass and the metal band that encases the iPhone started to peel out. Noticed a small piece was loose and after inspection a piece about a half inch was easily removed. Phone has been in either life proof nüüd...
  7. Muckcityjustin

    Wow already with the iPhone 6 talk.. They are already starting up the "hearsay" on iPhone 6. If the article holds any water at all it would be interesting to see these iPhones. The only part that would...
  8. Muckcityjustin

    samsung paid Apple $1 billion fine in nickels? This is really funny.. My buddy just purchased a motorcycle from another friend and paid in all dimes. I get a kick out of that.
  9. Muckcityjustin

    New M7 chip

    I feel like this chip hasn't been discussed. Has anyone found an app that this chip actually works with? I remember seeing Nike is working on something but that's really all I've heard about it. I have a Nike fuel band but if this chip will replace that I'd love to sell the fuel band!
  10. Muckcityjustin

    Anyone have warranty issues at an Apple store?

    So my mother has been having issues with her 4s lately. She had no sound unless having headphones plugged in. Now I tried to plug and unplug headphones with no luck I also tried to do a restore. So I told her to do the typical trip to Apple since she has another month under warranty. I...
  11. Muckcityjustin

    What's new in iOS 7 beta 3

    Are we going to be seeing that today? I have seen conflicting reports on other sites.. My beta 2 started getting a little buggy over the weekend I would like to see what beta 3 has in store for us as long as it's a little more smooth then beta2. I really don't want to downgrade back to iOS6.
  12. Muckcityjustin

    Hiking/Backpacking season

    Now that the weather is getting nice I am pretty excited to start some adventures this year. I am leaving this Thursday and doing a 31 mile hike in central PA. Few buddies and I are doing the West Rim Trail in Pennsylvania's "grand canyon". I have my Kelty 65 all packed and ready to go next...
  13. Muckcityjustin

    iOS 6.0.1 Released Thread

    I just got the update on my phone. It was weird it made me download an updater app then brought me through the steps to update like normal.. I was nervous at first it was a virus or something. Lets hope it fixes a few things guys. Go download!
  14. Muckcityjustin

    Anyone having issues with double texts being sent to Android users?

    I've been getting a few angry texts from the few friends that I have that are s3, note etc. basically Android phone users. It's not only me either it's my buddy who also has a iPhone5 his phones been sending double texts as well. This is only happening to Android phones though. Just...
  15. Muckcityjustin

    New iPod nano

    Well since I needed another lightning cable and a new pair of headphones for the mrs. I decided to purchase a new nano for the gym and biking. Here's a few pics of just how small it is! It's really crazy! Don't mind the messy desk the entire design studio is torn apart and I'm ripping down...
  16. Muckcityjustin

    PA renaissance faire

    Took a few pics at the Pennsylvania renaissance faire this weekend. Had such a good time with the family. Brought me back to being a kid.
  17. Muckcityjustin

    redbull stratos going on now! Parachuting from the edge of space!

    THIS IS INSANE! I don't know if this interests anyone else but I have been following this for some time. So the day has finally come. Felix is loaded into his capsule and will be parachuting shortly from 20 miles up breaking the sound barrier.. I know my work day is on pause while I watch...
  18. Muckcityjustin

    This law may get passed tomorrow! Mind boggling

    How can a city worry so much about skateboarding and not one of the highest murder rates and an extremely high crime rate. Let alone all the police corruption that's been in national news. Yeah let's prevent kids from actually getting out and doing some productive exercising. Better yet.. Get...
  19. Muckcityjustin

    Here's the video of me wrapping a Porsche for PCA

    Recently went down to Maryland and wrapped a Porsche for a contest winner. He is a member of the biggest car club in America the Porsche society of America.
  20. Muckcityjustin

    business trip right outside baltimore. How's LTE?

    So I just got to columbia, MD for a few days for businesss. I'm doing a wrap for the Porsche Society of America with a huge open house day on saturday for the reveal. Should be some interesting cars that day. Anyone from around here have sprint? If so is LTE around here yet?