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    Clean up iPhone memory

    Is there anyway which I can CLean up the phone memory. Any app can be use to free up space? Something like defragment or free up "leaked memory" for use? Cos when we install and remove apps there will be memory been use and not release properly. so apps to clean up these space will be good...
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    Hoping for new breakthrough frm GeoHot.

    Hoping for new breakthrough frm GeoHot. Cos Jus got my iPhone (Singapore) and its at the new bootrom. Cant do much will the phone.. And certain cydia apps cant be install as it require reboot of device which will cause the iPhone to be stuck at recovery mode...Has to restore the phone all...
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    Problem with Cydia

    I had add the wrong repo add to cydia. Now I faces the problem of cydia keep updating and prompt that the error is bad URL. So how do I solve this problem. Try to search for the wrong repo, it cannot be found. Help please