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  1. frizz

    I'm So Aggravated!

    i think because your female ( no disrespect) they aren't taking you serious, push it ask for someone higher up the food chain they get upset at that,because they're supposed to be the ones to help customers, not the suits.
  2. frizz

    first gen iPhone stuck in connect to iTunes screen, powers off, Apple logo....LOOP

    I'm having the same problem except mine stays on the Apple window with the wheel not moving and some of these guys wont answer. I guess they're too good to help others
  3. frizz

    hard time rejailbreaking

    phone froze had to do a full restore, tried using blackra1n and i get nothing, can someone please help me to jailbreak my phone again version 3.13 7e18 att 5.6
  4. frizz

    Must Have Apps for 3G S?

    get the otter box,i work construction, dropped my phone two stories when i went and got it, it still works
  5. frizz

    iTunes on another hard drive

    all the songs in my iTunes are in folders on the new drive, I'm asking how to make iTunes check there for the music instead of the c; drive or search all drives if possible
  6. frizz

    iTunes on another hard drive

    yes, saying cannot be found/ would you like to search
  7. frizz

    iTunes on another hard drive

    I'm trying to get iTunes to search for the music in my library on another hard drive, how do I do that? The reason for this is that my c drive is full so I bought a terabyte drive and moved all my music over to the new drive, now all my music shows up as not being there. Is there a way to get...
  8. frizz

    jailbreaking v1 iPhone

    anything i need to do special?
  9. frizz

    jailbreaking v1 iPhone

    I just upgraded to firmware3.1.2 and would like to know how to rejailbreak, everything seems to favor 3g and the 3gs, can someone please direct me to the process please?
  10. frizz

    How To: Jailbreak (Almost) Any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

    is there a j/b for 3.1.2
  11. frizz

    How To: Jailbreak (Almost) Any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

    how do i upgrade the baseband without going through iTunes?
  12. frizz

    Link to Many Usefull Guides and Links

    how do I update the firmware without using iTunes, but pawnage, don't want to have to rejailbreak and I see ppl talking about updating this way thanks Hawk, btw long time, how ya been?
  13. frizz

    2g iPhone and 3.0 or 3.1

    is there a way to upgrade to 3.1 without going through iTunes because then I'' have to go through the j/b process all over again.
  14. frizz

    How To: Jailbreak (Almost) Any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

    running updated 3.0
  15. frizz

    How To: Jailbreak (Almost) Any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

    downloaded and ran qwikpwn, was told ipsw did not match or was corrupted,what do I do now oh I updated to 3.0
  16. frizz

    How To: Jailbreak (Almost) Any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

    I have a question, is it true iTunes charges a person to update their firmware? The reason I ask is my grandson asked me about jailbreaking his touch and said he has to pay for 3.0. If that's the case how can he install it before jailbreaking ?
  17. frizz

    Is there a free iBlacklist type program?

    Hey, I've experienced the heartbreak of divorce from a cheating sl*t, but why did you put the bills in your name? My ex tried to get me to pay her credit cards and the judge said I had to, I laughed at him and said if he could produce just one receipt with my name I'd pay, well guess what I'm...
  18. frizz

    AT&T MMS is now working!

    I take offense to being called a liar, when the reason for these forums is to help people with their iPhones. Both reps told me that there were third party apps that offer mms services, but at this time neither Apple or At&t did. I was also unaware of the 3.0 beta being used by others.
  19. frizz

    AT&T MMS is now working!

    spoke with an AT&t and Apple rep not 1 minute ago and was told, and I quote" at this time Apple does not support mms function on the iPhone, until the release of firmware 3.0 in the summer, only a third party app will. The 3.0 firmware will include the mms support".
  20. frizz

    App store apps not loading

    I was wondering if anyone else has ran into this problem(bug), recently (two) days ago updated firmware in first gen iPhone to 2.2.1. Went to upgrade apps that I got from the app store and they're stuck. They have no name to them and they look like they're in the load stage with no fill in the...