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  1. emx620

    Upgrade to the 3G but use the first gen iPhone?

    My Dad has the first generation iPhone and is eligible for a discounted upgrade to the 3G iPhone. Could he upgrade to that, and then switch back to the first gen phone and give me the new 3G one? His only qualm is he doesn't want to have to be committed to paying the extra $10/month for the...
  2. emx620

    It doesn't get much worse than this for an iPhone owner...

    Horrible story here. So I was at a store purchasing a suit. When I came out, I had my wallet and iPhone in hand as I was reading a text message. When I got to my car, I set my phone on top of my wallet, and my wallet on top of the car, so at this point my iPhone and wallet are on top of my...
  3. emx620

    Flipping iPhones for a profit?

    So I have a question. My dad has a family plan with AT&T with 4 lines, 2 of them being iPhones. If he went in store, upgraded all phones to new iPhone 3G's and signed 4 new 2 year contracts, what is stopping him from turning around and selling them? I'm telling him to sign 4 contracts, and...
  4. emx620

    You want MMS on the iPhone with AT&T?

    I found what seems to be the only workaround for MMS on the iPhone on AT&T via SwirlyMMS. Here is the thing -- by default the iPhones plans do not support MMS as the iPhone does not support it natively at this point. I have called AT&T 3 times and asked for the iPhone + 200 texts ($20) and...
  5. emx620

    Can't type certain keys?

    I'm on 1.1.3 and I have jailbroken my phone with apps. I noticed while texting today, that if you use a combination of characters, you are unable to type certain ones. For instance type "Ghou" like you were typing Ghoul, but try to enter "k" instead of "l" at the end. Even if you hold your...
  6. emx620

    How to SSH into your iPhone

    Sorry if this has been posted before but I keep getting asked. First off to enable SSH on your phone do this: SSH is a service that you can install and run on the iPhone that allows you to access the phone's files / folders from your PC or Mac You need to install BSD Subsystem and OpenSSH (in...
  7. emx620

    Instructions how to get iLog working on 1.1.3

    If you don't have SSH working, or do not know what it is, go to my guide here: I have iLog working on 1.1.3. First install iLog from Installer. Then SSH into your phone and run the following lines: chmod -R 775...
  8. emx620

    Touchpad broken

    I searched around and didn't see another thread like this...sorry in advance if its a repost. So my touchpad is officially broken (not responding anymore). The screen works, but you can't "click" anywhere on the screen via your fingers. I think it happened from a drop on the floor. It...
  9. emx620

    Hahahah, number of members on

    I was looking at the members list...check the number of members. Yeah, a lame post, but I thought worth pointing out on a boring Tuesday: [EDIT] Err, the number of pages I mean
  10. emx620

    Warning about modding phone with a locked SIM

    Boys and girls, last night was a heck of a night. I'm running 1.1.1 and I have never done 3rd party apps or unlocked my phone. Last night I figured I would give it a try. To cut to the chase, after installing several apps from AppTapp, when I plugged my phone into my computer it showed 6.6GB...
  11. emx620

    SquareTrade offers accidental protection

    Just checked up on and they now offer ADP (Accidental Damage Protection) for Phones/PDA's. Sorry if this has already been posted -- I didn't see it. The ADP costs an additional $90 so $149.99 for a 3 year warranty including accidental damage :) Only con is that it doesn't cover...
  12. emx620

    iPhone Specs..

    I searched around and didn't see this thread, but if this is a repost, sorry. I've seen specifications for the iPhone such as screen size, resolution, storage, etc. Does anyone know full specifications such as the cpu type/speed and RAM? They didn't seem to be on google. Thanks for the help.
  13. emx620

    Accident while using iPhone?

    So lets hear it, has anyone gotten in an accident or close call while utilizing their fancy new toy? All stories welcome :)