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    Dynamic wallpaper

    Hi I was wondering if there is any user created iPhone 5s wallpaper out there
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    Per-order under iPhone 5 under son name

    Ok so I was not eligible for iPhone 5, so I ordered it under my sons name he is eligible, so my question is, once the iPhone comes on Friday will I be able to just sign into the iPhone 5 wih my ID and password, and give my iPhone 4 to him so he can do the same, I'm thinking it should be that...
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    AppleTV and Mountain lion mirroring problems

    ok this is my problem i download the new mountain lion, and turned on my Apple TV to try out the mirroring feature, but for some reason its not working for me :( it say once the Apple tv is turned on it should show a merrioring/airplay in the menu bar on my iMac computer which its not doing...
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    Passbook not working yet in iOS 6

    Is the Passbook app working for anyone else, I'm not able to do anything with it, or is it because Apple did not activate it yet ?
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    iPad Bluetooth

    Ijust update my ipad 2 over the weekend and now i'm able to sync it to my iMac via bluetooth, But i don't know what to use this new feature for anyone knows?
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    Gamer tag

    Hi can I get some help I'm trying to come up with a gamer tag name for a female friends but my mind is running a blank dose anyone have any suggestion for a good gamer tag for my female friend
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    Pre-order Time

    Dose anyone know what time the pre-orders are going to start on friday oct.7th
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    iTunes 10.5 beta 8 is out

    I hope this fix the problem I have been having with itune music match... Can't wait to get home from work
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    everythingiCafe app is Awesome

    I just want to say I had download this app when is had first came out I thought it was very Bad so I deleted it but I just redownload it and I have to say you guy did a great job with it I give it 5 stars
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    iMac Game Control for IMac

    I was wondering if anyone on this foRum might know...if you can use PS3 control to control the games that in the APP store on the IMAC
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    Air print

    I someone tell me how to get airprint working when i try to use to my iPhone or ipad dose not see my printer
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    How to wake Apple TV from sleep mode?

    Dose anyone know howl to wake the new Apple tv using the iPhone or iPad app? I have been trying don't know what I'm not doing right. Everytime I have to grab the remote it came with to get it going before I can use my iPhone or iPad app
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    Ping not working on iPhone 4

    Is anyone els having this problem everytime i try to connect to ping on my iPhone 4 i get cannot connect to itune if anyone has any solution for this problem wil be appreciated
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    Ios 4.1 finally implement avrcp stereo Bluetooth

    I am very happy to here this.... I have been waiting for this since iPhone 1 Apple did again
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    Bluetooth Watch Compatible with iPhone 4

    Anyone know of any bluetooth watch that is compatible with the iPhone 4? I can't bring myself to buying another watch until it has everything I wish a watch had: * Bluetooth connection with my iPhone to show caller-id * Ability to decline the call * Show incoming text message * Vibrate...
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    Tesla Wars for the iPhone

    I just download this game yesterday TESLA WARS just to try it out... this game AWESOME! I would have to put it up there with angrybirds, plants vs zombies and fieldrunners for fun factor....can't beat FREE
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    I hate eBay

    I have been trying to sell my iPhone 3GS 32GB on ebay but all the scammers is making it very difficult everytime i get a decent bid a scammer comes and out bid them and win the bid then i have to relist it very agian frustrating
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    Beltclip case for iPhone 4 + bumper HELP

    Dose anyone know of any belt clip case that can fit the iPhone 4 with with bumper on.... I have been searching but cannot find....if anyone out there know of one please help
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    Most favorite iPhone games

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    Face time troubles

    anyone els having problems trying to get face time working on there iPhone 4 everytime i try to call my girlfriend iPhone 4 with my iPhone 4 using facetime it work on my iPhone but on here iPhone the face time button dose not show up just the hold button dose anyone know how to fix this problem