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    Switching my SIM cards

    I want to sell my iPhone 4 and use the first iPhone model until the new iPhone comes out. Can I put the SIM in my iPhone 4 into my original iPhone? Or will my contacts not switch over or something
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    Who else is just relaxing?

    I ordered my phone last night. I got my order in. That's it. It's coming. I don't care if it's a day late or a week late. I just know it's coming, because I paid and it's on its way, little by little. Is anybody else just relaxing, waiting, knowing that it's coming? Someday, it will arrive...
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    Help me out a little?

    I am in dire need of some money! (Aren't we all? I know..) But! I have done my work and now all I need is your help! See that little vote button on the right? Click it! =D I will love you forever. You may not know it, and I may never ever say it...
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    All of my contacts deleted?

    I clicked the button to start a new text. My phone didn't comply, and then went to the home screen. I went into my text messages and noticed that all my contacts were gone? Just the numbers were there. So I checked my contacts, and sure enough. None. I held home and hold in order to restart it...
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    Randomly not having service?

    I'll pick up my phone sometimes and I have the least amount of service shown without it saying "No Service", when I was just on my phone not 5 minutes before it and had full service. And I'll be out at the park sometimes or something, not somewhere spotty like a basement or something. Though, it...
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    Recycling Bin?

    I think this feature would be rather helpful on the iPhone. I always hastily delete pictures and emails and text conversations and then realize I want them back. Sure there's that confirmation that asks "Do you really want to delete this?" or whatever that is. But it's now become a habit to just...
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    Keyboard MAJORLY lagging?

    If I type a string of words, it'll skip and then freeze for about 10-20 seconds until all the words catch up. It literally happens one every text, if not every other atleast. It's extremely annoying. I've restored and everything. My phone just in general is freezing constantly. Anybody else in...
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    Anybody else getting an error?

    I exited out of it twice and I keep having to restart my download. I'll post the error number if it happens again. But it continues to happen at 192 mb.
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    How much if a 3G if I'm not eligible for an upgrade?

    Well. Title says it all. I'd like to upgrade to an iPhone 3G, but I'm not eligible. How much will AT&T charge me to upgrade? :D
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    Multiple notification for text messages on 2.1?

    What do they mean? I can't find any settings for it anywhere or anything.
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    Well I just used WinPwn and pwned my phone and all...

    Can I un-pwn? I don't want it to be pwned right now anymore. lol
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    Can Windows jailbreak and unlock an iPhone on 2.0 software yet?

    I'm looking to sell my iPhone and I want to jailbreak it and all before I sell it. Is this possible yet?
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    Apps not getting synced?

    Everytime I back-up my phone, none of my apps are synced. I can't figure out how to do it. Can anybody give me a tutorial on how to do so?
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    Is there a way to change the auto-correct?

    I don't want to turn it off, I just want to know if there's a way to go in through SSH and change some stuff that auto-corrects. No matter how many times I type "yo", it still wants to correct it to "to". There are a few other instances, but I just want to know if its possible to be done.
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    Text message counter?

    Can anybody make one or does anybody know if any are made? That'd be pretty sweet. I'm always curious.
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    I know there's go-phones with minutes that you buy as you need. Why don't they make go-texting? I think a lot of people would use that. Cause with some phones, the plans go from like 100 texts, to 1500 or something like that. I think it'd be a great idea. What's your view?
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    Quick question about selling my V1

    I'm gonna sell my iPhone on eBay, and I am kind of unsure what to do about a back up phone. I have one. Now.. when I sell my iPhone, do I take the SIM outta it, and put it in the back up? And when I get my V2, I get a new SIM card, right? Or am I looking at this completely wrong. And will I get...
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    VERY noob question.. I think

    Okay. Does the new iPhone come out tomorrow? Or is it just the conference. And what is the conference about, if it is in fact the conference tomorrow?
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    I just got a very heartwarming phone call..

    So I'm sitting here, playing GTA4 and my phone rings. Its a 215 number, meaning its a Philly number. I'm from South Jersey, and I don't have any friends from Philly. So I pick it up, and the conversation went like this: Me: Hello? Him: Yo, I got you the weed that you wanted. Me: .... w-what...
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    Let's play a game! =D

    It's called "Help ilovegoogle34 find his headphones" So I cut the lawn two days ago. Weed whacked the front. And came inside. I had my headphones in this whole entire time. When I came in, I sat down on the kitchen floor to pet my cat and I was talking to my brother who was making some noodles...