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  1. tuckerbball

    What do u think?

    I got my iPhone stolen a few weeks ago. Then i went to the att store and they gave me a loaner phone. That phone did not hold a charge so i went in there and got a blackberry and the guy told us we would be able to come back in 30 days and return it for the iPhone do u think this will change for...
  2. tuckerbball

    WWDC Keynote

    I think that the keynote at WWDC is at 10:00 am pacific time on monday? Correct me if I am wrong, but I wanted to no if anyone has heard if you can watch it live on Apples website? Because i don't want to go over the internet and see what the specs are. I want to watch it first. Another thing if...
  3. tuckerbball

    Can i do anything if i forgot my passcode

    Ok today i was out to eat with my friend and i put a passcode on because i did not want them to mess with it before i went to the bathroom and then when i got in the car his little sister tried to get in it and i did not see her then when i got it back i could not remember the code and then i...
  4. tuckerbball

    Is the email on the iPhone like the email on a blackberry

    Is the email on the iPhone like the email on a blackberry. My mom has the blackberry 8800 and when she gets a email it goes right to the phone and on the tour of the iPhone it said on the settings to check the emai every 15 minutes so does it take it to the phone right when it goes to the...
  5. tuckerbball

    y are...

    Y are more people going to att stores than Apple stores
  6. tuckerbball


    Hey, Anyone from jacksonville fl camping i am at the Apple at st johns or the corp att store on atlantic blvd if u are in jacksonville when are u going where are u going and wut are u going to bring tuckerbball
  7. tuckerbball

    Will I be eligible for early upgrade?

    I have a two year plan with a crappy phone that sucks. I'm getting the iPhone for my birthday, no matter the cost. My contract will be over in December and i will be eligible for an upgrade then. I was wondering if anyone knows if they are going to let people upgrade on the 29 and go two yrs...