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    getting email

    email Actually the iPhone does have a true push email client. If you set up a yahoo account, then any email sent to your yahoo account will be pushed to the phone. So If you have any other email accounts like for instance, Gmail. Just go itno your gmail settings on your computer and hit the...
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    Scratches on the glass

    crystal film set I just purchased the crystal film set for the iPhone. I bought at the Apple store. I must say I was skeptical about using it cause I thought it would make that beautiful screen dull. But I must say, the screen is just as beautiful as it was before I put it on! The package...
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    Yahoo! Push Sucks

    Works here This is weird. My yahoo push works perfectly everytime. I get my messages as soo as they are sent to me. I aslo forwarded my gmail to my yahoo so that way my gmail is pushed right to my phone in real time! Why is it that some of you are having such problems with your phones? I...
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    WiFi - Connected but not working

    Here is a question everyone. I have gotten my wifi to work at my house by turning off both router and iPhone then changing the hex option thing. Great it works at my house! But I noticed today as I tried to connect to other wifi spots thuout the day that they didn't connect. Are we gonna have to...
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    WiFi - Connected but not working

    Wher exactly do you find that option in the iPhone? In what settings menu?
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    After a 13 hour WAIT...Now THIS? THX AT&T!

    Im in SOuthern cali also. It took me about 3-4 min to activate.
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    What will you do with your old phone?

    just sold my 8525 got 350 for it! iPhone here i come!:2cool:
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    How to get contacts from windows phone to entourage

    I have a cingular 8525 and a cingular treo 650. Does anyone know how we get our contacts to iTunes through entourage or yahoo contacts or any other method?
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    Current AT&T users can help people swithing save some money

    25 bucks I am also an att user. u can email me at if u would like to use me also.