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    My iPhone Touchscreen broke - iPhone sent away for 3 days about.

    The exact same thing happened to my iPhone on Sunday. Just got the box in the mail from FedEx today and already shipped it out to Apple. I was offered NO loaner phone from Apple though. They didn't even mention it. I hope this isn't an issue that keeps popping up. Seems like there are more...
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    Apple Technical Support Phone #

    So what's the deal with the AT&T Store telling me they can't exchange? Is this a well known policy? I'd love to just go get a new phone tomorrow rather waiting for a box in the mail, and then days/weeks before my phone is mailed back. I'm thinking about calling the store and asking what gives.
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    Apple Technical Support Phone #

    Yeah, no kidding. I found that number and talked to a very nice lady though and they were wanting to send me to the Apple store all the way up in Chicago. I told here that was a virtual impossibility since it's nearly 3 hours to the North of me. She then talked to a supervisor or someone...
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    Apple Technical Support Phone #

    Hey Everyone - I posted last night about the bottom third of my iPhone's screen being frozen. Still is, took my phone to the AT&T store where I purchased it, and was told I'd need to take it to an Apple Store for help. Well, I live about 2 and a half hours south of Chicago in Illinois, a...
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    Bottom Third of Screen Frozen! Help please!

    I've had my phone about a month exactly and love it, had no problems at all. All of a sudden this afternoon, I can't use the "slide to unlock" button to get into the front page, then can't click on any of the four bottom buttons. I've tried everything, re-booting, re-installing the latest...