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    Sync Google Calendar with iPhone?

    Try Syncmycal. Works really well to sync Google Calendar to Outlook. Its $25 and works great. You can set it up to sync with Outlook manually or automatically. (You can try the freeware version which only syncs three days in advance - this didn't do for me, so, I ended up buying the full...
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    How to send MMS from your iPhone - THE ANSWER HERE

    Sent great. However on receive, just get an SMS that indicates someone sent an MMS and that you need to go to the internet and input a user id and password (which the message gives you) to retrieve the MMS. To get this, you would need to write the info down as there is no cut and paste, etc...
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    Has your iPhone ever randomly go to the home screen? (please take poll)

    Yes. About 5 times so far. Within Safari AND Gmaps. Something they will need to fix in 1.1.:smile: