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    iPad acting up on wi-fi(help)

    Okay my iPad was working perfect till today. It is not connecting at times. I hav to turn it on and off in settings and I hav rebooted my modem and router. My iPhone wi-fi is working fine. Any help would be appreciated.
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    YouTube slow on my iPad

    Ive done research on the web and I see a lot of people have the same problems I am having. Ok YouTube is really slow at loading and it can't be my Internet because I did a speed test and my download speed was 20 MBs. Anyone have any suggestions.
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    iPad review from a newbie perspective by me

    Okay so here I explain how I ended up buying an iPad. Well a couple months ago I got rid of my computer because I was paying monthly for a Dell inspirion sink from aarons rent to lease. I decide to take it back after I saw an iMac in real life at best buy. I'm kinda new to Apple. My first Apple...
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    I regret ordering my iPad from the Apple Store

    Little did I know it was gonna b coming from freaking china. It was shipped on the 29th and now it's the 1st in china and it's still sitting in china in shipment exception status because I guess it missed shipment on the 30th. Expected delivery was on the 3rd which is Friday now it might be a...
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    I ordered my iPad this past Friday. How long to get my iPad

    I took advantage of the special because I've been wanting and iPad. Now I'm really anticipating it arriving. Do thy ship from china or what. I think I have turned into an Apple fanboy. All I want is Apple now. Hmm