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  1. In2Deep

    How to change text alert sound

    So is there a way to choose from a different audible alert when you receive a text message?
  2. In2Deep

    iPhone requires me to reconnect manually to home WiFi?

    My iPhone connects to the home wifi network quickly and easily when I do it manually. When you put the phone to sleep it requires me to reconnect every time manually even though I have it set to auto connect in the settings. Is there a solution?
  3. In2Deep

    How to save a picture that is emailed to you.

    OK so someone emails you a picture, how do you save that to the pictures?
  4. In2Deep

    .bin to mpeg4 conversion

    So whats the best way to convert a downloaded movie (.bin format) into an mpeg4 to view on the iPhone? I have Sorenson Squeeze 4.2 but it doesn't work with .bin files.
  5. In2Deep

    anyone use iTunes to d/l movies to the iPhone?

    Anyone else download movies or tv episodes from iTunes? just curious if it works well on the iPhone.
  6. In2Deep

    Issue with my ringer, help!

    My ringer isn't working at all. The phone vibrates when there is an incoming call, it plays music just fine. I can hear the various ringers when I play with them in the settings->sounds. Vibrate is On for Silent Vibrate is On for Ring Sound is all the way to the right Have a ring tone set as...